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Why You Should Hire an Air Duct Cleaner


If you have allergies or breathing problems, you might find that your symptoms improve when you hire an air duct cleaner. It keeps your system clean and free of dust and other allergens. Of course, hiring Air Duct Cleaner in Southlake TX  is a lot more expensive than simply cleaning them yourself. So it can be tempting to save money by cleaning them yourself. There are two problems with this plan, however. First, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be dangerous to try to clean your own ducts, especially if you have the kind that are connected to the floor or the ceiling.

How dirty air ducts can affect your health

While not very pleasant to think about, your air ducts can actually cause you health problems. When air ducts are full of dust, pollen and other particles, that debris can be easily stirred up by a furnace or AC. This can lead to asthma attacks and respiratory problems as well as aggravate allergies. Keeping your air ducts clean will prevent these issues and also improve how your system works overall. Hiring an Air Duct cleaning in Mansfield TX company once every few years can ensure that you’re getting rid of all that dirt before it gets stirred back up into your home or office building.

How dirty air ducts can affect your home value

Research by The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) found that indoor air pollutants can affect your home value. A previous study by ASHRAE showed a 20% drop in overall value when indoor pollutant levels were at two-to-three times higher than outdoor levels. The standards for healthy levels of particulate matter are very low. At least 0.5 μg/m and no more than 1.0 μg/m , depending on how clean it is outside. If you don’t want to end up selling your home for less than its market value, it might be time to hire an air duct cleaner.

5 things you need to know before hiring a pro

The question of whether or not to hire an air duct cleaner can seem daunting—there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, after all. On one hand, if you do choose to clean your own vents and ducts, you might end up doing more harm than good. If you have any doubt about your DIY skills, then it makes sense to hire a pro. On another hand, cleaning your air ducts on your own isn’t exactly complicated and doesn’t require that much time or money—if it sounds doable, then go for it! No matter what side of the coin you fall on, make sure you follow these 5 steps before hiring an air duct cleaner in Southlake TX.  

Things to Consider

1) Find out how dirty your air ducts are by scheduling an inspection with a professional.

2) Check references and see if they have certifications.

3) Make sure they offer warranties on their work.

4) Ask them how long they’ve been in business.

5) Read reviews from past customers. When in doubt, read through these tips again—they cover most of what you need to know about finding a reputable air duct cleaner in Southlake TX near you.

What to expect from an air duct cleaning company?

When you hire an air duct cleaning in Mansfield TX company, they’ll usually send a team to come inspect your home’s air ducts and provide a free estimate. If you decide to move forward with a cleaning, they’ll get to work at restoring air flow through your ductwork while vacuuming out debris and dirt that’s collected inside over time. It can take a few hours, depending on how dirty things are. After it’s all said and done, expect your system to run more smoothly for longer—and for allergies (and asthmatic tendencies) in particular to improve. Air duct cleaning isn’t just about keeping your house clean, either; it’s also a good idea if you’ve had any kind of water damage or leak recently. A pro will be able to tell if there is any mold lurking in those vents! Air duct cleaning is worth every penny.

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