Why would a 2 BHK Apartment be a Good Alternative?

2 BHK Apartment

Are you looking for an apartment with enough space and one that comes within your budget? Then, a 2 BHK flat in Kolkata would be the perfect investment for you. A 2 BHK apartment provides future stability for a nuclear family in terms of cost, space utilization, and affordability.

2BHKs can be the best smallest apartment with the perfect utilization of space. Here you get 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, one balcony, and one kitchen.

Why should you ditch other options for a 2BHK?

Srijan Realty offers you multiple options in terms of ready-to-move-in houses. But, before investing in the real estate market, you need to think about property price, location, space, social amenities, etc. 

Spend based on the requirement

A nuclear family can comfortably stay in two BHK houses, and even a family with four people can adjust to a two-bedroom apartments for rent in Boston. You must always act according to the supply and demand. Further, you need to plan ahead of time and form a perfect strategy to utilize the maximum space and invest in basic amenities.

Hike in real estate price

It is not a rumor that the pricing of the real estate market has taken a hike. So, you need to be very critical about the budget. Do not go out of the way or choose loans that are high on interest, and you need years to make repayment. However, you can grab a good deal with many options available in terms of Residential Projects in Kolkata.

Reliable schemes and taxation policy

Recently, the government has made certain changes in taxation policies and other financial matters. This has made it easier to take a home loan without any hassle. You get innumerable loan repayment options in the case of a 2BHK flat. Now, you can easily purchase a property and fulfill all the monthly responsibilities.

Maintenance cost

Do not forget the maintenance cost, be it a 1 BHK or 2 BHK or 3 BHK. This is one of the most important considerations for keeping your dream house in proper condition. And, this further keeps the resale value stable. However, compared to a 3 BHK flat, the maintenance cost is relatively less than a 2 BHK apartment. 

Work from Home – Remote working option

The pandemic brought in a new normal- that included working from home. So, if you are still working remotely, then a 2BHK flat can be your perfect office space. Ditch commuting to the office regularly and work in your comfort. This also helps to segregate your work and personal life, and you get to continue your work without any disruption.

Return on investment

1BHK flats won’t be a good option, and if you plan to start a family, you might face a space crunch. These are ideal for bachelor. The resale value is also quite less. On the other hand, 3 BHK flats are the best option for a large family. Alongside, they also offer a low return on investment, and the rent differential is also less when compared with 2 BHKs

A good alternative for 3 BHK flats – A 2BHK flat can also deliver luxurious comfort 

2BHks can be the best alternative for any luxury apartment. You just need to work on the outlook. Choose a BHK that represents your style, personality, and aesthetic value. You need to divide the area proportionality and, based on it, prioritize functional and practical zones.

Add well-designed furniture

Be clever while choosing furniture. Do not overstuff the room, and always consider storage choices. You can make even a tiny space look bigger with a perfect arrangement.

Choose a perfect color

The color should be a perfect combination of furniture color, artificial light, and natural bright light. Allow as much natural light as possible to enter your house to make it look spacious enough. Opt for subtle tones, such as light colors and neutral colors. Try to pick a single color and maintain it throughout the house as it creates the illusion of one large space.

Use the space on the wall

Utilize the walls of the house when you are willing to make the most use of the space in the house. It can add aesthetic value to the rooms. Consider installing storage space that extends from the ceiling to the floor. Thus, you can store more items for a long time. You can play with laminate and plywood to create a perfect balance. These changes usually add to the appealing beauty of your home.

Try unconventional ideas

You can also go out of the way and try unconventional ideas, such as using traditional furniture. You can also store items by installing benches in the corridors or a drawer in the dining room as a sideboard. Imagination can help pull out solutions to turn your house into a smart and beautiful living space.

So, it is time to choose a real deal in the real estate market. Go through the property offered by Srijan Realty, and they can help you make a sensible investment decision. 

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