Why is MyAssignmenthelp.com better than Myperfectwords.com?

Why is MyAssignmenthelp.com better than Myperfectwords.com

If you are looking for an online assignment help service, you have two popular options – MyAssignmenthelp.com and Myperfectwords.com. Both provide similar services but are not the same. Hence, we bring you a comparative analysis between MyAssignmenthelp review and Myperfectwords review for your better decision-making.

The comparison is based on the significant features held by any academic service provider. Keep reading to know more.

Team of Writers

 MyAssignmenthelp.com – MyAssignmenthelp.com has a huge team of writers associated with them. Almost a big number of 5000 writers work at MyAssignmenthelp.com to guide students with their assignments. If you check the ‘Expert’ profiles updated on their website, you will be able to see the high qualifications of the writers. Their initiative of showcasing the writers’ profiles shows that the company believes in maintaining a clear stance about their services with their consumers. 

Myperfectwords.com – We do not know much about the writers at Myperfectwords. Because there is not much information given about them on the website. This pulls down the trust of the consumers in them to huge extents. When consumers do not know who exactly is writing their assignments, it is natural for them to have doubts and second thoughts. Also, without knowing writers’ profiles, it is difficult to trust them with assignments. After all, it is directly connected to their academic performance.


MyAssignmenthelp.com – MyAssignmenthelp.com keeps on stressing that students’ satisfaction is the ultimate priority for them. To ensure complete satisfaction from the student’s end, it is important that they deliver the solutions on time. As per the students’ reviews, it seems that MyAssignmenthelp.com never fails to keep its word of promise regarding on-time delivery.

Myperfectwords.com – According to reviews, there is a mixed reaction regarding the punctuality of Myperfectwords.com. Some say they deliver the solution on time. But, many students have also mentioned that the company has failed to deliver the assignment solutions on time, due to which they faced severe consequences. It also seems that the company is not efficient enough with short deadlines and urgent requests.


MyAssignmenthelp.com Firstly, MyAssignmenthelp.com is popular for their quality assignment solutions. Students never complain about the quality of the assignments that they receive. You can be surer of this when you check the samples uploaded on their site. The samples portray the efficient writing skills of the writers.

Myperfectwords.com – Apparently, Myperfectwords.com promises a lot about the quality of its services. But there is not enough proof to justify the same. There are no samples uploaded on the site. So basically, here, you have to test and try to know the exact quality of the solutions.


 MyAssignmenthelp.com – The services at MyAssignmenthelp.com are cheap and affordable. The service charges are minimal, and there is a vast opportunity for discounts and offers. All of these together make the services more pocket friendly for students. If compared, you can see that the prices at MyAssignmenthelp.com are less than any other similar service provider in the industry. Currently, they are giving 30% off plus a $20 signup bonus for first-time users. They have many such other offers available all throughout the year.

 Myperfectwords.com – When compared, you will get to see that the prices at Myperfectwords.com are way more than on MyAssignmenthelp.com. They justify their prices for their quality, yet it is not possible for all students to avail these services at such high prices. The fact is that here services are not designed keeping in mind students’ convenience.

Wrapping up – If you ask me, I would, of course, suggest you go and hire experts from MyAssignmenthelp.com. Not only you will get quality services, but you will also receive enough guidance to develop a better hold on the subject.

Author Bio: Ricky hardy was a former educator, and now associated with TopAssignmentReviews.com. He is an author as well and is very popular among teenage readers.

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