Why does pacman celebrate its 30th anniversary?

How did the Pacman video game last 40 years? Many people play video games online and offline. There are many advantages of video games, such as boosting mood, better for the heart, and decreasing stress also, as many studies have shown. There are a lot of games available online that people play, and you know that new games are coming days and weeks in a Market. So, every new game comes with advanced features, and people like those games, which give them many features and entertainment opportunities. So, from this type of competition, we can understand how any game requires advanced and updated features to be stable for a long time in the online video game market. So pacman is also a video game, and it was founded in Japan in 1982. It is also called the Google doodle game. In this article, we are going to find answers to the question: why does pacman celebrate its 30th anniversary?

History of the Pacman.

Pacman is a classic game, and it was released in Japan on 21 May 1982. It is a very popular video game and released in the United States. In this game, there is a character whose color is yellow, and it is fantastic around and to eat dots and avoid meat four ghosts. Still, Pac Man video game remains popular due to having a high-quality graphic interface. Namco created Pacman in Japan. According to a study, Pacman is approximately 250million played by people in the USA, and Every week, one lakh Pacman machines. The PacMan game was released on every video platform in 2010, and it can be played on Mobile phones, desktops, computers, and laptops. 

Why do people still play the Pacman game after 40 years? 

Many games are developed globally, but some still exist now, and the Pacman video game is also one of them. But how can it be possible for any game celebrates its 30th anniversary? And mostly it is going to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Most games remove from history or the market of games due to not updating themselves according to competition and advancements in technology. So people still play the Pacman game because it keeps updating itself for 40 years according to the technology and requirements of new games. Most game lovers or players choose games that run on gadgets like mobile phones, computers, and laptops and those games have high-quality graphic interfaces and friendly users. So, the Pacman video game meets all the requirements of video games. Why do people like to play, and they are still playing for 40years? 

The 30th anniversary is so special for Pacman.

It is a significant achievement for any video game that people still like and play after 30 years because most people do not want to play old games, but Pacman video is an old game and still played and likes it. 30th anniversary or birthday celebrate pacman video game company because they completed 30 years of success on PacMan video gams. It was a significant milestone to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pacman on 21 may 2010, and recently, on 21 May 2020, marked the 40th anniversary of the Pacman Google doodle video game. 

Why do people call the Pacman game google doodle? 

The google doodle was not the old name of the Pacman video game. Still, it is marked on the Google doodle name of play because when you open the google search engine, you mostly see the various design logo there, and logos are different according to the day’s events. So these logos or cartoon logos displayed on Google search relate to the Pacman video game. Doodle’s name was created to celebrate its 30th anniversary because its graphics, sound, and series meet with the Google search engine. That is why people can google doodle Pacman video games. 


Videos games are mostly played nowadays by people, and most people like to play online video games where they can compete with people or friends using virtual characters games. So, the Pacman video game is also one of the online games where many players can play games, and it can be played on mobile phones and computers. Google doodle games also help many people recall their childhood memories reached 50age.