Why Do We Need [Pigment Green 7]?

What Is Pigment Green 7?

Pigment Green 7 (PG7) is a low-cost, non-toxic pigment that is highly water-soluble and is available in three different shades: PG7 dark green, PG7 light green and PG7 yellowish. These pigments are used as a replacement for Phthalocyanine Blue in various applications such as plastics, textiles, paper coatings and paints to name a few. If you’re using a pigment manufacturer who can’t tell you exactly what shade of PG7 will best fit your needs then there’s no better time than now to find one who can. 

Make sure they have solid experience with producing pigment green 7 products because otherwise, you could be stuck with an inferior product that doesn’t perform up to your standards. Also, be wary of cheap pigment manufacturers who promise nothing but top quality at cheaper prices. Many pigment manufacturers try to undercut their competition by cutting corners, which can result in low-quality products – even if their price appears appealing on paper. Choose an established pigment manufacturer instead so you know what to expect when it comes to both product quality and customer service.

Where Can Be Used Pigment Green 7?

An effective solar radiation filter of a high absorption band with low reflectance, suitable for use in the manufacturing of heat-resistant glass with high sun protection factor in urban installations. Also used as filler pigment in coloured varnishes and clear polycarbonate production. And it is possible to use Pigment Green 7 to manufacture safety packaging and protective glazing. This colour can be also used in the manufacture of powdered chromate pigments: lead chromate, zinc chromate and yellow chrome oxide. 

This pigment should not be used for any applications where water or alcohol may penetrate such as paper coatings, PVC flooring and general plastics. Some solvents are known to dissolve pigments making them unusable due to increased toner fragility. Do not add DYNESOL when using Pigment Green !!! (because is going damage green pigment). Due to its distinctive natural tint, it cannot replace any other PIGMENT. The pigment should be ground finely before using because of less tenacity and stability during transport by storing or on extruders during polymerization. It is incompatible with many organic solvents such as organic amines or quaternary ammonium salts due to their photosensitivity.

What Are The Safety Facts Of Pigment Green 7?

In industrial paints and coatings, inks, plastics, and certain types of coloured paper (such as currency), pigment green 7 is used to provide a safe yellow colour. It is also used in cosmetics such as nail polish. Pigment Green has been assessed by three different expert groups over several years: The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Monographs Working Group concluded that there was insufficient evidence for human carcinogenicity and no recommendation for an IARC group evaluation. The European Union risk assessment body concluded that risks could not be ruled out at current levels of exposure but considered current uses are acceptable under EU laws. The U.S. National Toxicology Program Center for Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (NTP-CERHR) concluded that it may pose a developmental/reproductive hazard, but said more studies were needed before recommending any regulatory action.

Where to buy pigment green 7?

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What other product lines do Pigment Green 7 manufacturers produce?

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