Why Checkout Holds The Key To Success In Digital Commerce

Why Checkout Holds The Key To Success In Digital Commerce

The current boom in digital commerce has instigated many merchants to set up ecommerce stores and start selling online. Most of these business owners are concerned about the feel and look of their websites. A professional-looking well-designed website attracts customers and improves their overall buying experience. However, payment checkout is one area they often tend to overlook.

Nowadays, customers are always in a hurry. Around 70% of online shoppers abandon their cart without completing the order. Common reasons for such a high cart abandonment rate include high extra costs, account required, long checkout process, unclear pricing, and security issues. A negative checkout experience not only leads to a loss of sales but also drives that customer away forever. That is why taking care of the checkout process while setting up an ecommerce store is crucial.

Importance of Providing a Seamless Checkout Experience

Each abandoned cart means revenue lost for a business. Imagine people filling their shopping carts at a physical store, approaching the checkout counter, and then leaving without purchasing anything. An inability to convert visitors into buyers clearly leads to a loss of sales. 

No-Friction Checkout Experience: Imagine the same situation for an ecommerce store. Visitors who are attracted to a site, spend time finding their favourite products, and add them to their carts are genuinely interested in buying. However, even single friction during the checkout process may cause a customer to abandon their filled cart, resulting in a business loss. Therefore, creating a zero-friction experience for customers while transacting is essential.

Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate: Usually, browsing through the listings on an ecommerce website and adding them to the cart is smooth. It does not put any pressure on the customers. However, the situation changes when they reach the checkout page. It’s the time when their focus shifts from impulse and intuition to decision-making and involves their finances. That is why the ease of exploring and adding products to carts should also continue during the payment and checkout process. Even a slight disconnect may lead to cart abandonment without the customer thinking twice. 

Checkout without Disruptions: Use an online payment processor that can create a smooth and structured checkout page that is easy to understand and free from disruptions. Understanding that checkout has a key role in converting website visitors to buyers is crucial. Creating an ecommerce website that cannot convert visitors into buyers is no use. Therefore, eliminating friction in the checkout funnel is vital for an ecommerce business’s success.

How Does a Good Payment Checkout Help Retain Customers?

A customer must go through several steps, from shopping online to paying at the checkout page. Sometimes they like the product and want to buy it, but they change their mind due to the complicated checkout process. Many checkout pages have several fields that customers may find tedious to fill. Moreover, slow processing, mandatory registration, and untrustworthy sites are other significant reasons for cart abandonment. A checkout page that takes care of these issues succeeds in providing a pleasant shopping experience to the customers, helping the business retain them for a long time.

Tips to Improve the Checkout Experience

Here are some useful tips an ecommerce website may incorporate to create a seamless checkout experience for its customers:

  1. Provide Multiple Payment Options: Multiple payment options mean diverse ways to purchase a product. If the potential buyer’s preferred payment method is unavailable on a site, they are less likely to proceed to the checkout. 
  2. Keep the Checkout Mobile-Friendly: A high percentage of online shoppers use their mobile phones to purchase things online. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly checkout page drives more traffic and creates a responsive experience.
  3. Create Shorter Checkout Pages: Customers feel frustrated when they have to fill in multiple fields and click through several pages to purchase a product. Therefore, create a single check page to give a smoother buying experience to the customers.
  4. Allow Guest Checkout: Asking a visitor to create an account before buying is a potential deterrent. Give them an option of guest checkout to build trust and show respect for their privacy.
  5. Integrate “Buy Now” Buttons: These buttons make CTA loud and clear. They offer an easy and fast solution to customers who want to checkout. It accelerates payment checkout by reducing the steps involved.

Cart abandonment is a huge problem that one may resolve by creating an effortless customer checkout experience. Multiple payment options, guest checkouts, and buy now buttons are excellent tools to turn store visitors into purchasing customers. Want to create a seamless checkout experience to achieve success in digital ecommerce? Get in touch with an online payment processor to create a streamlined checkout page.

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