What Is Moissanite Diamond?: The Real Story Of Moissanite Diamond 

What Is Moissanite diamond?

Moissanite diamond is a rare and popular gemstone that has many of the diamond’s qualities and comes in two forms: forever one (the better-known version) and moissanite X2 (an upgraded, more brilliant version). Both moissanites have almost the same chemical composition as diamonds—both are composed of nearly pure carbon. They differ in shape (moissanite are prisms with triangular sides) and lustre, however, where diamonds are known for their fire and brilliance, moissanite shine a bit less brightly. Their lustre is rated between excellent and very good; neither version matches nor exceeds a diamond’s sparkle when it comes to bright lights or camera flashes. But both versions have superior hardness ratings compared to diamonds, which means they can be worn daily without needing special care. This makes them great options for people who want something beautiful but don’t want to worry about taking extra precautions against scratching or other damage. One last thing worth noting: although they look similar at first glance, moissanite diamonds can be distinguished from diamonds by trained professionals because they tend to show little imperfections under magnification. So if you want something that looks like a diamond but doesn’t cost as much, you’ll get what you’re looking for with either form of  Moissanite Diamond Jewelry!

Moissanite Diamond Vs. Diamond

Moissanite vs. Diamond – What Are the Differences? If you are shopping around for jewellery, you may have heard the term Moissanite being thrown around. Moissanite is an interesting gemstone that gets its name from the French scientist who discovered it, Henri Moissan. It is also called silicon carbide, carborundum and silicon carbon, though it was known as Moissanite diamond long before people knew exactly what to call it! Moissanite diamond has become popular because of its brilliant fire and sparkle; this beautiful stone often looks much like a diamond with its incredible shine and refraction!

Properties Of Moissanite Versus Diamond

Moissanite diamond has some great properties that are found in its natural counterpart, diamond. First of all, it is virtually scratch-proof, just like a diamond. The only way you can scratch moissanite diamond is by attacking it with another diamond or a very hard compound such as sapphire or corundum. It also holds up extremely well to use and abuse you will find moissanite used in several industrial applications because of its high resistance to heat and impact damage. Another great property that moissanite has over diamonds is that, unlike diamonds which are mined underground using large earth-moving equipment and heavy explosives, moissanite is mined out of meteorites! No earth-moving equipment is necessary!

The Real Story Behind The Birth Of Moissanite

Unlike diamonds, Moissanite diamond is produced in a lab (man-made), which means that it’s a lot cheaper to buy than a real diamond because it doesn’t require mining or extracting. So how do you bring your indicators on one? Well, first you must to make sure you can afford one. There are two types of Moissanites – Forever Brilliant and Forever One – and they cost between $200-$2,000 per carat depending on size and quality (size being measured in millimetre dimensions). 

How Can I Accumulate A Hold Of This Stuff?

Moissanite is in a company of its own. It’s virtually unnoticeable from a diamond and has only one drawback: it isn’t irregular like a diamond, which makes it highly reasonable to purchase from reputable retailers. The specific features that make moissanite diamond so attractive are its hardness (it’s second only to diamonds), colourless appearance and bright, sparkly lustre. It can be made into beautiful earrings, rings or necklaces, but it can also be cut and shaped into beautiful moissanite engagement rings or even used in place of diamonds on watches! Like diamonds, moissanites are graded on four Cs—colour, clarity, cut and carat weight—and each grade is worth more than an inferior grade in another gemstone.

How Much Does It Cost?

While a diamond costs more per carat than moissanite, you get a lot more carat for your money with diamonds. Moissanite diamonds are much smaller in size than diamonds; their size is measured by comparing them to other stones such as garnets or sapphires of equal weight and colour. For example, one-carat moissanite will be about two-thirds of an inch across while a one-carat diamond will be about three-quarters of an inch across. The price difference between these two sizes isn’t very big—about $200—but it can add up if you’re looking at larger sizes.


Moissanite and diamond are both beautiful gems that can be set into a ring or other jewellery piece to give it an added bit of sparkle and shine. Both gems have their unique value, but when it comes down to picking one over another, how do you know which gem is right for you? The answer depends on what’s most important to you as a consumer. If you want a diamond look-alike without having to spend top dollar on a gem that’s nearly impossible to tell apart from diamonds in higher-quality pieces, then moissanite diamond may be exactly what you’re looking for; its fire and brilliance add an extra touch of class without an exorbitant price tag attached!