What is Enterprise SEO? How is it related to Business Startups

Startups and enterprises differ first of all in their respective sizes. They have different goals, and they also differ in the means to these goals. But SEO is the same: it aims to rank sites higher on the SERP and give customers a better experience.

In this blog post, we will contrast Enterprise SEO and Startup SEO. Whether your business is small or big, knowing the differences will improve your SEO efforts. 

What is Enterprise SEO?

SEO is a set of practices to increase site rankings and improve user experience. Enterprise SEO is for large organizations having thousands of web pages that need fixes. These brands sell hundreds of products that fall under different categories. Enterprise SEO requires advanced strategies to increase revenue for the brand. If you struggle with managing hundreds of web pages, consider purchasing the services of an enterprise SEO company.

Big budgets but results take time

Enterprises have big budgets and can fund their large-scale SEO efforts. Although they have a financial advantage, that does not guarantee quick results. Google does not favor big businesses, as the algorithm determines which websites to rank based on set criteria. So, they have to compete with every small business and follow Google guidelines. There are no shortcuts for them, and they have to take the hard route. Likewise, SEO results take time to appear, and enterprises need to wait patiently for them. Get the enterprise SEO services of a company for help with technical SEO.

The problem of cross-department rivalries

Large organizations have rigid hierarchies, and a plan needs the approval of several leaders. There will be clashes between several departments in their approaches to tackling a problem. There could be disagreements between the marketing and SEO departments. Often, the marketing department might not understand the value of SEO. Many proposals could get scrapped at the last minute. Although enterprises have big budgets, they have organizational difficulties. It makes it harder to have a unified SEO strategy. Get the SEO services in Lahore of companies to create local landing pages targeting people in those regions. 

Be strategic about the areas you need to fix

Since enterprises have multiple pages, it is not possible to check every page. Hiring an agency to do a website audit will help you in this case. When you find technical issues, you have to fix every one of them. It is necessary for a good user experience, and you cannot ignore it. You will see small gains after these fixes. If you need to optimize your local landing pages, get the SEO services in Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon etc for your local business campaign.

Don’t optimize every single page for links. Since these pages have been there for several years, small changes here and there will not affect rankings. Optimizing every page for on-page SEO will not give you high rankings. So, be strategic with what areas you must work on.

You can use Google tools to find what aspects of your pages hinder them from their full potential. Then, make a list of them and categorize them into groups. Now, start working with the groups that have a huge impact on your rankings. When they get fixed, you will see significant gains. Since optimizing everything for enterprise web pages is impossible, focus on tasks easy to work on. They will help you get incremental gains over some time. So, prioritizing areas that need SEO work is necessary when you optimize for enterprise sites. 

SEO for Startups

Startups look for ways to increase their brand presence in their local communities. Local SEO helps them optimize for local rankings. Startups have both a physical store and an online store. Their goal is to increase sales more than dominate the web as an expert. As such, their SEO campaigns focus more on driving more customers to their physical stores.

Key differences between Enterprise SEO & Startup SEO

Geographical differences

Startups are limited to their geographical area, and their primary concern is to get customers to walk in through their physical stores. Their target audience is small and the scope of their campaigns is limited. On the other hand, enterprises do not need brick-and-mortar stores. They are targeting customers living in various cities, provinces, and countries.

Ranking factors

Enterprises and startups have different ranking factors when they optimize their sites. Since enterprise SEO is broader in scope, brands must focus on their brand authority. Blogs, podcasts, and videos will help them find a place in the SERP. On the other hand, startups must get enlisted in local directories and GMB. They have to add their brand name, address, and contact number to their GMB listings. Regularly updating their listings will help their SEO efforts. Backlinks from reputed local brands will help them rank higher. 


Strategies for startups involve enhancing brand reputation and winning the goodwill of people at the local level. Enterprise SEO strategies SEO Company Toronto focuses on improving the links- both internal and external. 

Internal links help people locate products and information on the site easily. External links help enterprises establish credibility and grow into industry leaders. Furthermore, enterprise sites have a lot of things that need fixes. So, big organizations should focus only on areas that need immediate attention.