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What’s a DST File and How Do You Open it?


What is a DST File?

The abbreviation of DST is Data Stitch Tajima. It is a file format developed by the Tajima which is widely used in the field of embroidery. It contains a set of properties and instructions.  As the embroidery machines require any specific language to construct a stitch according to the design. Along with the stitch command, This file format also contains more instructions like the change of colors, where to start a stitch and where to end the stitch, and where the machine has not to constitute any stitch. the DST file carries all these commands. You may call it the language of the embroidery machine or the controller of the embroidery machine needle. This file format is widely used for domestic and commercial embroidery digitizing. Technically this file format is written as.DST so anyone can easily recognize it.

 How to open DST files?

If you are trying to open the DST fie in your computer system and it’s not working there, there may be many possibilities, one of the most face able reasons can be the unavailability of the most appropriate software’s which are unable to support the DST file.

To resolve the issue, the solution is to find a suitable application for your system. For your feasibility, we are mentioning some of the most appropriate free software and application tool which will let you open This file in your system.  There is not any build-in tool in the windows, which will let you open the file format, so you need to install the third-party tools and application to assessment of your DST embroidery file.

Some of the free software and tools to open a DST file.

  1. BERNINA ArtLink
  2. Coats EDV
  3. Embrilliance Express


 It’s one of the free computer software which will allow you to convert your DST file, and open and view this file in your computer system.  This software has the capability to view several file formats like PES, PEC, ART VIP, and some more.

Usage of this application is very simple you just need to use File> Open the Design function and introduce the DST file and then view your concern design. It is a multifunctional software it includes the options of zooming, rotation, showing or hiding hoops and grid, and much more.  The most interesting feature of Bernina Artlink so that you can easily find out the detailed information about your design like the number of stitches, colors, author, type of fabric, and much more related to the DST file.

You can utilize all these features for free by using this DST file viewer.

Coats EDV

Coats Embroidery Design Viewer is a free dedicated tool specifically designed to open and preview the embroidery design files like DST files in the computer system. Using the File> option you can insert the DST file and then you can view the file and also can get various details about the design bus using the option in the software.

This tool can view your design in 3D, and also has more options like rotation, zooming, hide/show, and much more. By using the stitches menu option you can eradicate the minor stitches from the design. By using this tool you can save DST files in other formats i.e. KSM and NGS.

Embrilliance Express

Embrilliance Express is also a free tool that is being used for the view of DST files in the computer system. It offers all your concerns and requirements to view and evaluate the DST art. When you open your concern design in the emnbrilliance express its shows the Objects panel, In this you can discover and see all the objects which are being used in the design.  There is also a properties panel that offers you to view your design and you can convert the colors of the threads.

There is an option of zooming, rotating, 3D view mode jumps, grid, etc., and can evaluate the DST file.  It also allows you to generate letters in your design. There is also a print option in this tool.  There is some limited access In the free version of this software but after purchasing you can avail yourself of a list of features from the embriliance express.

In this article, we have explained to you, what is the DST file and how to open it in your computer system by using different software. And we have also explained some of the software which is being used to open the DST file. There are much more tools and software which are being used for this purpose. Like, Wilcom TrueSizer, my editor, BALARAD Embird Studio, Buzz Tools BuzzXplore. In another article, we will explain the remaining software’s how they are useful to us in the field of embroidery digitizing.

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