What Charger to Choose for The Phone?

The best charging power and its safety will be provided by the original charger, but such a station, as a rule, is more expensive. 


Since 2015, all the manufacturer’s phones support the Qi standard – from the 6th Samsung Galaxy series. All of the brand’s flagships have this feature, and the Galaxy S10 for the first time got the ability to charge wirelessly quickly, as well as with wires – at a speed of 15W. 

Among the brand’s best chargers is the Samsung EP-PG950. The station allows you to charge your phone horizontally and vertically. Model EP-N6100 charges two devices at the same time – for example, a smart watch and a phone. Wall outlet with usb chargers are also a safe option if you don’t want to get the conventional charger. The Samsung EP-PA510 is an inexpensive charger for those who don’t need fast charging functionality. 


Apple began equipping its phones with wireless charging with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. At first, devices only supported 5W, but already in iOS 11.2, it became possible to charge at 7.5W. In the iPhone 12, the power has been increased to 15W, but this can only be achieved with the original MagSafe accessory. 

The iPhone will be able to receive exactly as much power as the filling allows it. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy expensive wireless chargers with 40 W of power – the phone will not be able to charge faster. 


Xiaomi offers Mi Wireless Charger – a “tablet” with a rubberized base supports the Qi standard. Xiaomi charging power is 10 W, Mi 9 with the same power it charges up to 100% in 3 hours 35 minutes. Among the products of the brand, Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand is also popular. The car also has a holder with a wireless charging function – Xiaomi Mi Wireless Car Charger 20w.


The brand offers customers a SuperCharge Wireless fast charging station (50W at maximum). The light platform has a stylish design and protection against high / low voltage, overheating, overcurrent. 

How to choose wireless charging: the most important

  • All new phone models support wireless charging, Apple since 2017, Samsung since 2015. 
  • It is safer to choose devices manufactured by Xiaomi, Samsung, Belkin, Apple and other trusted brands. 
  • The main thing to consider when buying a charger is power. Its level is easy to find out from the information on the case or box of the device. 
  • Pay attention to how much wireless charging power the smartphone itself is designed for. It makes no sense to buy expensive devices with 20 watts of power if the phone is not designed for it. 
  • The most common wireless charging standard is Qi.
  • Most phones support 5W or 7.5W, but there are those that charge at 10W or 15W – they support fast charging. 
  • Horizontal stands are best used for long-term charging, while vertical stands are best used on a desktop. 
  • Stationary charging stations are suitable for home and office, it is more convenient to take an external battery with wireless charging function with you.

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