What Can Scansnap Do for Your Business?

These days, business is synonymous with technology. It impacts every aspect of the business world, from manufacturing to engaging with clients. Businesses today prefer scanning documents for a few important reasons. The idea of going paperless is appealing because it can save money and resources and also help the business to present a ‘green’ image to the public, who respond favorably to entities that stand for topically relevant issues.

Scanners also allow for businesses to electronically store all of their important documents on the cloud or in some other database, rather than taking up space in boxes in a warehouse, potentially being destroyed in a flood or some other scenario. Scanners also facilitate the virtually effortless transferring of data, all of which is easily accessible.

Scansnap is a technology that has been adopted by businesses across the world because of its versatile nature and intuitive compatibility. There are several types of scanners put out by Fujitsu that are setting the bar for the document imaging industry.

What Is Scansnap Technology?

Scansnap is printing software from Fujitsu that allows users to easily digitize anything, from photographs to important tax documents. Scansnap enables users to connect their physical and digital worlds in the simplest way.

Scansnap printers are able to quickly and easily convert documents into the applications that they use. One of the most salient selling points is that this new technology does not demand attention from the It department when it needs to be employed – you just need to touch a button. This makes them dynamic additions to the business office, easily accessible for loads of applications.

Making Sure Your Scanner Is Compatible

If you’re planning on using the Scansnap IX-1400, you need to make sure that it will be compatible with your current setup. This particular model instantly creates a variety of files, including searchable PDFs, JPEGs and editable Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. It features simple and reliable USB capability.

The Right Scanner for the Job

There are different types of scanners for different jobs. Desktop scanners like the Snapscan iX1600, fit seamlessly into just about all working spaces and gets documents digitized, organized and sent anywhere. This might be found in the shipping/receiving manager’s office, used to scan inventory-related documents. Features to look for in desktop scanners include:

  • Document feeder
  • Fast, uninterrupted scans
  • Multi-feed sheet direction
  • Document scanning software

Flatbed scanners, like the Fujitsu Fi-8270, can easily scan fragile or bound materials. The Fi-8270 employs innovative feeding and Clear Image Capture technology. Features to look for in a good flatbed scanner include:

  • Scan resolution
  • Color quality
  • The size of the flatbed
  • Automated document feeder
  • Speed of flatbed
  • Coverless scanning

Scanners are logistical game-changers when it comes to the paperwork aspect of your business. Whether you’ve settled on the Fujitsu Fi-800r, with its ultra-compact footprint and versatility, or a legal-size scanner because you’ve got legal-size documents to put into the system or send away, scanners make life easier for the people that make the business run. Visit an office equipment supply website today to learn more about how the latest cutting-edge scanners on the market can help your business run more efficiently and smoothly.

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