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What Air Conditioners Do to Your Body

What Air Conditioners Do to Your Body


Undoubtedly, one of the most major benefits of air conditioners for human health is cooling. It doesn’t just keep you cool in the summer, though. Air conditioning system can help alleviate the symptoms of heat exhaustion and assist in the recovery process.

Despite this, you’ve probably heard some horrific tales about how air conditioners can make you ill. Some people are worried that COVID would be transmitted via air conditioners. People often ask, “Is AC healthy?” The answer is obviously yes, provided that your air conditioner is properly maintained . Keeping your air conditioner clean and well-maintained can help keep you and your family healthy.

1.       Respiratory Issues

It has been shown that those who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned environments are more likely to suffer from upper respiratory problems, notably in the nose and throat. Some of the most common ones include stuffy noses, dry throats, and rhinitis. An inflammation of the mucous membrane within the nose is known as rhinitis. Rhinitis can cause you to sneeze, have a stuffy nose, and get a lot of mucus build up in the back of your nose and throat.

As the air from air conditioners can become extremely dry, this can cause throat membranes to get dry and irritated, which can contribute to pharyngitis. Inflammation of the pharynx, which is located in the back of the throat, may cause discomfort and make it extremely difficult to eat. People often use it as an excuse to take time from work.

2.       Asthma and Other Allergic Disorders

Numerous asthma-inducing substances can be found in the air we breathe on a daily basis. When an AC’s filters are cleaned routinely and the unit is working properly, allergens in the surrounding air can be reduced. There are several possible causes for allergies in the home, such as dust mites and household chemicals.

It is possible for mold to form within an air conditioner, and the mold spores can be dispersed by the air circulating through the Ac unit. Many individuals may experience allergic responses, and some may even get an asthma attack as a result of this.

The worst culprits when it comes to spreading dust, mould, and illness are vehicle air conditioners. A study discovered that the majority of vehicles have a variety of molds. The pollutants from surrounding cars that are also using their air conditioners while parked can also pose a problem.

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3.       Illness and extreme fatigue

In the middle of July, are you shivering in your workplace chair? There’s a good possibility that’s why you’re exhausted. Studies have shown that people who work in places with too much air conditioning may get headaches and feel tired all the time. The mucous membranes of people who work in facilities where cool air is continually pumped in can also be irritated, leading to breathing problems. As a result, you’re more susceptible to infections like the common cold and the flu.

4.       Dryness Or Itchiness

People who spend more time in an air-conditioned environment can experience physical problems. Dryness and itching of the skin are two possible signs. Skin dryness is often linked to a lack of water in the body, however this is not always the case. Pollutants in a building’s air are one possibility for a reaction. It’s possible that the air conditioning unit isn’t working properly or that the air isn’t being refreshed often enough, enabling dangerous chemicals to start building up. Itchy skin and chemical sensitivity are mostly linked to this.

5.       Dehydration

Rooms with air conditioning had greater rates of dehydration than other rooms. An AC that removes too much humidity can leave you feeling thirsty. Think of a period when the air conditioner is running at a low setting and you’re feeling chilly and thirsty.

6.       Headaches

Headaches and migraines can result from dehydration caused by the usage of air conditioners. When it relates to migraines, dehydration is a common cause that goes unnoticed. Getting a headache can happen if you repeatedly enter and exit air-conditioned spaces, or if you walk outside into the heat after spending too much time inside. You are also more likely to suffer from headaches and migraines if the air conditioner in your room is not kept clean.

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