Wedding Guidance: Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and Other Jewelry

Wedding Guidance

Wedding day diamonds are all about engagement rings, wedding bands, and wedding accessories. The jewelry you wear on your special day reflects your love, style, and personality. 

These jewelry pieces can become a beloved memory. Thus, you should select them carefully.

Although you do not have to wear matching jewelry, it can be great if all elements fit perfectly to complete your look.

When shopping for your wedding, you must consider various factors like color, stone, style, and shape of your rings, the design of your necklace and earrings, accents, and textures.

This guide will help you understand a few tips when selecting your ring and jewelry for the big day. So let’s start learning.

What to Consider While Buying Diamond Engagement Rings? 

People usually rely on engagement rings to show their love and affection. The ring symbolizes commitment and devotion and is the first step toward an everlasting marriage. 

They feature a large stone in the center which is usually a star of the ring. These rings come in various designs and styles. So, shopping for an engagement ring can be quite overwhelming. 

Here are a few things you can consider to buy an excellent engagement ring. 

The 4 Cs of Real Diamonds

The 4Cs are an official and streamlined grading system for selecting diamonds. If you completely understand the meaning of each C, you can choose the perfect stone for your engagement ring. 

The 4 Cs play a significant role when selecting the shape of your diamond ring. That’s because they determine your dream ring’s brightness and overall look. 

  1. Cut

A diamond cut determines the sparkle of your ring, hence affecting the overall quality and price. Graded from poor to excellent, diamond cuts are also responsible for the shape and size of the stone attached to your ring.  

  1. Carat

Carat is a measuring unit for the weight or size of a diamond. On average, engagement rings feature one-carat diamonds. The higher the carat, the heavier or larger the diamond will be. 

  1. Clarity

Diamonds can have flaws or minor imperfections. A stone with less visible inclusions will be more expensive than those with larger inclusions. 

  1. Color

Diamonds have a spectrum of different shades. The rarest of all diamonds are colorless diamonds. These are relatively costly and more precious. 

In contrast, you can have colored diamonds in your engagement rings, including chocolate, pink, or yellow diamonds. 

Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

You can choose different diamond shapes for your engagement ring. These include:

  • Round cut: It may not be the brightest, but this doesn’t prevent it from being the most sought-after shape.
  • Oval cut: Long, slender fingers look best with oval-shaped diamonds.
  • Emerald cut: This gemstone’s broad facets display exceptional clarity.
  • Asscher cut: An emerald that is square and evokes an art deco vibe.
  • Cushion cut: This classic design was developed in the 1800s and is generally square with rounded edges.
  • Princess cut: A stone looks bigger than it is because of its broad, flat-topped, and pyramidal shape.
  • Marquise cut: This long, tapering shape increases carat size.
  • Pear cut: A marquise-round hybrid seems dainty on a thin, light band.

What to Consider While Buying Wedding Bands?

Wedding bands are an expression of companionship. These bands can become a part of your life forever. Thus, you should plan them strategically to get the perfect wedding band. 

Like engagement rings, wedding bands come in many options. For example, you can get a classic diamond band or a vintage wedding band that reminds you of historical romance. 

Here are a few factors you can consider when getting a wedding band.:

Types of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are traditionally worn in combination with engagement rings. You can buy both rings as a bridal set or a separate wedding band that complements your engagement ring. 

These wedding band types can help you make the perfect pair:

Classic Wedding Bands

Classic wedding bands end the gap between an engagement ring and a wedding band. They feature simple metallic bands covered with pavé diamonds

Contoured Wedding Bands

These wedding bands are ideal for complementing your engagement ring’s curvature. The band is designed to fit snugly against your ring at the front. It is highly in vogue, stylish, and appears natural.

Notched Wedding Bands

A notched wedding band acts as a puzzle piece for your wedding set. It’s a straight band with a notch at the front to fit the stone. 

Wedding Band Pairing Suggestions

There isn’t a right or wrong choice when looking for the perfect wedding band and diamond engagement ring combo. Yet, you can pick any of these two pairing suggestions:

  • Pair your wedding band and engagement in a traditional classic look with similar metals and plain bands
  • Go for a chic and modern wedding set with embellished bands and mixed metals.

5 Tips to Shop for Wedding Jewelry 

If your wedding sets are perfect, half of your worries are put to rest. However, there’s still a lot to think about, such as your real diamond earrings and necklace. 

You can follow these tips to buy the best jewelry for your wedding day:

  1. Buy Lab grown Diamonds

The above-mentioned diamond cuts can be seen in lab grown diamonds as well. In fact, lab grown diamonds may be better than traditional ones, because:

  • They come in a wider variety as compared to traditional diamonds
  • Every piece comes with a certification, ensuring that it’s a real diamond
  • They are less expensive, thanks to the lab-grown processes
  • Buying lab-grown diamonds is your contribution toward saving the planet as the manufacturing process doesn’t involve digging, mining, and destroying natural habitats.
  1. Wear Jewelry that Complements the Wedding Dress

Your wedding jewelry must accent your dress. It shouldn’t be overpowering as it may steal the limelight from you and your dress. 

  1. Pair Jewelry with the Neckline of Your Dress

You should wear jewelry based on the neckline you may wear. For instance, if your dress has a round neckline, a small necklace of a similar shape can look amazing. 

  1. Avoid Wearing Multiple Colors

Wearing wedding jewelry with too many colors does not blend well. Instead, you can wear similar colored jewelry to match the overall look. 

  1. Wear Limited Metals

You can spoil your wedding look by wearing too many different metals. Therefore, you should limit your metal choices to two. For instance, you can wear platinum and white gold wedding jewelry and rings. They look best with white wedding gowns.

Final Thoughts

Wedding bands, jewelry, and diamond engagement rings require planning before buying them. These pieces play an integral role in your wedding look. 

Although brides look gorgeous on their own, their jewelry must complement their beauty. 

You can follow these tips and guides to get the best jewelry. So, start shopping, and best of luck with a new life chapter. 

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