25 Best Beautiful Tourist Places in North India

Enter into an expensive restaurant and order all their exotic dishes and enjoy every bit of it and the waiter brings the bill, you hear the other person saying ‘your turn’, you know you are not with your family but your best friend! Best friends are someone who can listen to your nonstop chattering and gossip around everything under the sun. Have you tried exploring the beautiful travel destinations of India with your friends? Other than the popular commercialized spots there are many stunning destinations that you can visit with your best friend.

Who would not love to visit the cities in North India? The busy streets of Delhi, the pink city Jaipur, the scenic beauty Lucknow and many other places in the north attracts visitors across the globe. Enjoy various cuisines, exotic locations, beautiful valleys and explore the traditions of India with your best friend.

Visit Places in North India

Manali-Leh – Enjoy the Road Trip

This is the place that attracts most of the adventure travelers and backpackers.  Pass through the villages and enjoy the majestic mountains on your way. Don’t miss to appreciate the nature here.

Ladakh – Outskirts of Tibet

Do you know Ladakh is one of the famous tourist places in India that attract more nature lover? The high passes and the beautiful Kashmir valley is the right place to explore with your best friend.

Markha Valley – Trekking route

Do you have the mood to go on trekking? You must go on for trekking to Markha Valley near Ladakh where you can enjoy the kaleidoscopic images that will surely hypnotize your soul. Take a break from you tiring city life and breathe the fresh morning air at Markha Valley.

Jim Corbett – A jungle safari

An experience with nature and its creations can strengthen any relationship. Are you ready to look at the Royal Bengal Tigers and other natural species at the Jim Corbett National park? Get wild with your best friend.

Chadar – A walk on a frozen river

Did you wonder if such places exist in India?  This is a dream destination for most of them along the Zanskar Valley Mountains. Enjoy a walk on the frozen Zanskar River along with your friend which will be the most thrilling experience in your lifetime.

Har Ki Doon – A walk on the mountain

Do you know there are a lot of trekking places in North India? Har Ki Doon near Uttarakhand welcomes you with green valley and the place is situated amidst thick bushes and fragrant orchid meadows.  Experience the outstanding trekking experience here.

Manali – Enjoy the snow-capped mountains

Manali is the most famous honeymoon destination. Tourists from all parts of India head towards Manali for their honeymoon to enjoy the serene valleys, waterfalls, mountains and more. Why don’t you try this place with your best friend?

Rishikesh – The ancient city

A lot of things wait for you at Rishikesh.  The vibrant city has a lot of temples and other adventurous activities like bungee jumping, trekking, river rafting and more. When you are here, do not miss the river rafting!

Dharamshala – The top of Kangra

Cedar trees mark its landmark here. If you are looking out to chill around with your best friend, you must be at Dharamshala enjoying the thick pine and cedar trees.

Pushkar – For your investigative mind!

Pushkar is an old city of India that reflects the past life of India with a lot of interesting places to visit. This is the best place for investigation where you can explore the deepest secrets and find interesting places and more. With more than 400 Sanctuaries, this is the best place to learn about ancient culture.

Spiti Valley – Visit the little Tibet

This valley located between India and Tibet is in the North Eastern Part of Himachal Pradesh which is covered by gigantic and thick snow. The 1000-year-old monasteries are famous here. Do you wish to know more about the Monasteries?

Auli – Skiing experience

This is one among the least explored places in Garhwal Mountain but it turns out to be the best place for vacation with your best friend . Go for a long drive and enjoy river rafting, trekking and skiing here.

Valley of flowers – Enjoy Mother Nature

It was Frank Smith the British Traveller who explored this place and spoke about its importance. As the name goes, there are a variety of flowers like daisies, Zinnia, Petunia, Poppy, lilies, sediams, saxifrage, geranium and other flowers seen here. This is the place to spot numerous butterflies and a perfect getaway with your friend. The valley of flowers treks is full of surprises miracles, every nature lover must do this trek once in their life.

Delhi – The capital city

How can you miss Delhi when you are on a trip to the North India? There are many places to visit around Delhi, you can enjoy shopping here and taste various cuisines. So, back your bags to Delhi now.

Kuari Pass – Thrilling adventure on summer

Traveling to the mountain top on a summer day can be more adventurous if you are traveling with your best friend.  Kuari is a doorway to the Himalayan Mountain and also the best location to go on a trek. Your summer plans are perfect here.

Ranthambore – A visit to National Park

A solo traveler can feel bored about visiting nation parks and zoos but when you are traveling with your friend, visiting the National Park can also bring a lot of memories. There are many lakes to explore and a wide range of fauna to watch. So, watch them along with your friends.

Nainital – The best tourist lake destination

A trip to Nainital begins and ends in a pleasant way. Though there are not many activities to do here, you can untiringly watch the nature, birds, and the sky all day long and take good rest along with nature.

Jaipur – Energizing pink city

India’s desert capital where you can shop till your wallets is empty! There are many traditional things to buy here and you can also enjoy famous sports like Amber Fort, HawaMahal, JantarMahal and more.

Mussorie- Wonderful tree-secured slopes are major attraction

If you want to be at a mountain enjoying its soothing experience, you should be at Mussorie which is magnificent with its tree slopes.  It is one of the famous destinations in India that has attracted more foreign tourists. Get ready to explore this with your best friend.

Kasol- A place of Israeli occupants

Life comes true at this place located in Himachal Pradesh. Well, this is a perfect location to mingle with nature while enjoying the wilderness of its beauty. There are a lot of activities like trekking, camping, and others waiting for you.

Shimla – A place that needs no mention at all

Shimla does not need any explanation at all. It has a story of its own and a majestic beauty of nature. It’s green everywhere and there are wonderful lakes to admire at. What more do you expect here?

Hampta Pass – The Himalayan Effect

The Himalayas has a lot of amazing things to reveal. Your vacation gets a new meaning at various trekking sports on the Himalayas. A Trek on Hampta Pass will amuse you with natural beauty which will also energize you.

Roopkund – The home of snow

We all know that Himalayan mountain range is called as the home of snow so don’t you want to enjoy a trek on snow covered lanes? The Roopkund trek is completely frozen that gives you a vision of snow, untouched forests and a lot of scenic places to start a camp! Are you ready to enjoy this camping place?

Khajjiar – A Switzerland in India

Do you know why this place is referred as the Switzerland in India? The place is simply romantic to be enjoyed with your spouse but this time why don’t you visit it with your friend to have some fun?

Thar Dessert – It will not disappoint you

Deserts do not always make your dehydrated and tan your skin. There are some nice activities and fun at the Thar Desert on your trip to Rajasthan. Jeep safari and camel safari is the best entertainment here that will keep you occupied throughout the trip.

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