Top 15 Amazing Entertainment Apps to Use In 2022


In this busy schedule and hectic routine, every individual wants mind-relaxing therapy which is why the mobile app development industry taking over the new horizons. The days are gone when you had to complete your office work and reach home to watch favorite shows on TV. Now you can watch every drama serial, talk show, movie, music, and play games while sitting in the office or standing at the bus stop.

However, mobile apps make life easier. Today you can send money to the USA while sitting in the drawing-room at any hour. You don’t need to go bank to transfer money to any corner of the world. So, from finance apps to food delivery apps to entertainment apps, the world of digitization makes everything easy.

According to a recent survey, almost 55% of people use entertainment apps while relaxing. That is why the mobile app development industry now focuses to develop entertainment apps, so users can enjoy and relax their minds in an everyday busy schedule.

So, here you read the top entertainment apps that every individual must use in 2022. Let’s roll down your screens and dive into this blog.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the leading entertainment apps that is chosen to stream movies, web series, TV shows online. This online streaming app shows thousands of documentaries and other original series of excellent quality.

The reason for loving this entertainment app is it’s super fast with no ads. Once you create an account, you can download videos to watch them online. However, Netflix won 44 Emmys which beats the most popular entertainment apps like HBO Max, Disney, etc.

  1. YouTube

Another top entertainment app is YouTube. You can watch movies, dramas, and documentaries, and listen to music without paying monthly charges. It is a free online streaming app that provides information related to different topics and also entertains you.

YouTube is the most used app where people love to spend more time. After the pandemic, YouTube kids also gain high popularity. People even use it to engage their toddlers and kids in poems.

  1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is also the top entertainment app for many of us. For people who don’t want to invest money in apps that charge subscription fees, then Pluto TV is a perfect choice for them. It has more than 45 channels usually in Spanish that also includes dubbed movies, sports, crime shows, reality TV shows, and many more.

The best thing about this channel is it lets you create a library of 1000s TV shows and movies, so you can watch every season of your favorite show with the flow.

  1. Disney+

If you are a starter and don’t have enough money to get a subscription to Netflix, then Disney+ will be your best choice for online streaming. At just $8 you can get the same content at highly reasonable rates.

However, Disney+ also shows entertaining shows like Lokki or Mandalorian. You can even watch the latest and exclusive content on this online platform. Disney+ is known as the streaming home for your different favorite shows.

  1. TikTok

Today, people love to watch short videos and it has even become the top marketing trend. Many businesses are using short video clips to convey brand messages to the targeted people. And for it, TikTok is one of the best apps for you.

Instead of long and detailed videos, people love to watch short video clips. The majority of people love to watch TikTok and it had almost 1+ billion downloads and has 42 million reviews on Android. Among entertainment apps, it is one of the most downloaded apps in the app store. In some studies, it is also revealed that TikTok may surpass YouTube and Instagram. Here you watch dance videos, motivation clips, funny videos, etc.

  1. IMDb

If you are a movie fan, you surely come across the IMDb. Since 1990, this online site has been launched to entertain users who love to watch movies. Now, this app is also available on different operating systems like Android and iOS both.

You can get every piece of information about your favorite actors and watch movie trailers related to upcoming movies. Once you create an account on IMDb, you can find out new movies and web series, watch classic content, and read breaking news related to the industry. The most interesting thing about this is you can receive personalized content recommendations.

  1. Goodreads

Are you a book reader? Want to read books online? If yes, then down Goodreads now. This is also the top entertainment app that is created for those who are book enthusiasts. This app has millions of interesting books, a community feature, and a recommendation system.

Additionally, it acts as the search engine for books where you can rate content and also leave reviews. For those who want access to new releases and looking for a daily reading option, then Goodreads is one of the top entertainment apps for readers.

  1. Google play games

Google play games are the go-to entertainment app for gamers. This game app has thousands of built-in games from which you can choose your favorite one. Interestingly, you don’t need to install these apps, you can enjoy gaming without installing them.

Once you download google play games, you will find action games to puzzle one. It automatically saved your progress. You only need to create your ID as a gamer, unlock achievements, level up, and earn XP. You can share your best moments with your family and friends.

  1. PUBG (Player’s unknown battleground)

This game doesn’t need any kind of introduction. You all know about PUBG which is the most popular game in recent times. It is a multiplayer game that you can play with your family and friends. You can even talk to or message them with your phone.

People love to use this entertainment app with their friends to enjoy their spare time and kill boredom. You make up a team with your friends and fight with your enemy.

  1. 2048

Do you love brain-tuning games? If yes, then play the 2048 game. This is the most favorite game of all time. You only need to join tiles up, downright or left to make the 2048 number. It is a single-player game that is quite tricky. This game improves brain activity, enhances your mental health, and makes your mind relax.

  1. Ted

Ted is the best entertainment app of all time. This app brings more innovative thinkers, motivational speakers, and leaders on the small screen where they talk about the broad perspective and share bursting myths to help people in order to understand interesting facts and figures.

However, Ted is an amazing medium of entertainment that people enjoy listening to stories of other people. You can even build your playlist and add videos in it that you like to watch. You can even download audio and video for playback.

  1. Snapchat

“Snapchat is dying out,” isn’t it? since its development, it covers a massive horizon. It has over 1 billion downloads. This app getting popular due to its amazing filter and creative features. Moreover, it uses augmented reality. It launched powered lenses to give unique effects and sounds. It is also the most entertaining app of all time.

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