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To Get A Jcpenney Credit Card


JCPenney has a reputation for providing its consumers with high-quality goods, making it one of the most popular department shops in the United States. JCPenney has a wide range of merchandise, including designer apparel, home goods, jewelry, footwear, and furnishings.

JCPenney now provides its own form of retailer credit cards, the JCPenney Credit Card and the Jcpenney Mastercard, to enable consumers to earn benefits when making purchases.

Jcpenney Credit Cards Overview

Your creditworthiness will determine which of two available JCPenney-branded credit cards (both offered by Synchrony Bank) you will get. For quick approval, the process might take up to 7-10 days.

To be clear, when you apply for a credit card, you don’t get to select which one you get. Regular Cardholders that satisfy certain conditions may be eligible to upgrade to the Jcpenney Mastercard.

The Jcpenney Credit Card

To use the animated explainer videos, you must shop at JCPenney, Sephora, and some participating Rite Aid and CVS locations, as well as at certain participating Rite Aid and CVS locations.

There are currently no Sephora outlets that accept JCPenney credit cards.

Signing up for the JCPenney Card comes with a slew of benefits. First and foremost, cardholders get a discount on their first transaction after joining up. In other words, you may save money by:

  • A 15 percent discount on JCPenney’s assortment of apparel, shoes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, mattress, and other home goods
  • bespoke blinds and shadings for a discount of 15% (U.S.-based stores only)
  • Appliances with a 5-percent share of the market (U.S.-based stores only)
  • Save 5% on all Modern Bride® Design Your Dream Ring products, including electronics (including TVs).
  • When applying for your card, if you don’t get an immediate verdict on your credit right away, you’ll get a $10 voucher in the mail for your trouble.

Rewards cardholders get two points for each dollar spent, however, non-cardholders only receive one point per dollar spent. As a result, there is a “double” distinction in this case.

On Special Savings Days,

Cardholders of the Card earn even higher discounts than ordinary reward members thanks to the availability of unique coupons and special savings days (such as Memorial Day sales).

For every 200 points you accumulate, you’ll get a $10 voucher. To put it another way, for every $200 spent, you’ll get a $10 reward.

As a cardholder, you’ll also get birthday discounts.

Mastercard Issued By Jcpenney

If you’re already a cardholder, you may use your Jcpenney Mastercard anyplace Mastercard’s are accepted, making this card even more convenient for you.

Unlike other shop-branded credit cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, or Discover), this card does not reward you for making purchases outside of the business.

Completing Purchases And Redeeming Reward Points

The Card and Jcpenney Mastercard automatically enroll cardholders in the Rewards program after you’ve been authorized for one of the cards. With double points, this is an excellent bonus to join up for, as we said before.

As long as you purchase at often, you might save a lot of money since there is no limit on how many $10 rewards certificates you can collect.

The following restrictions apply while using credit cards to earn and use reward points:

  • Regardless of the quantity of the qualifying purchase, you can only earn 2,000 points in a single transaction.
  • Only purchases are made with reward certificates.

Buy Sephora items from a store or online at outside of the chain; spend money on gift cards from abroad.

Points earned are valid as long as the cardholder has an active Jcpenney Mastercard rewards account (to stay active, you must make a purchase and earn points at least once in 12 months)

The Verdict

If you shop at Jcpenney Mastercard often, the credit cards they offer may earn substantial rewards for you. Pay close attention to bonus shopping news on certain goods to maximize your earning potential. These credit cards, on the other hand, have some serious downsides.

In reality, there are many alternative credit cards with lower APRs and better reward programs that allow you to purchase at more locations than JCPenney’s chain of shops. Before deciding to use Jcpenney Mastercard store-branded credit cards, have a look at other credit cards to see if they provide better benefits.

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