12 Tips for article writing on Wikipedia

Article Writing on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a hub of knowledge for many internet users no matter who they are and what they do. It is a great source for the provision of authentic knowledge. Apart from providing knowledge, it allows several volunteers to contribute to Wikipedia with their keen insights.

Millions of individuals contribute to Wikipedia on a daily basis as per their knowledge about that specific topic. The purpose of writing for Wikipedia is to provide authentic and upgraded knowledge. It also allows editing the already existing content.

Several users create their Wikipedia accounts on their own while few hire Wikipedia consultant who assist them in the overall process from the creation of an account to the creation of an article which is having good content and till the publishing process. They give hassle-free experiences to those who hire them.

There are many useful writing tips available. Let’s talk about a few most incredible ones that you can utilize and can communicate effectively with your readers while writing for Wikipedia.

Tip no 1: Set your writing goals

Before starting anything, it is vital to set long term and short-term goals. The same goes for the writing. It is important that you should be aware of your writing goals and if you are not then now is the perfect time to set your writing goal. If you know why you are writing and what is the purpose of your writing then you can properly make strategies according to it in order to produce a good piece of content.

Tip no 2: Generate an outline

Whenever any idea pops up in your mind related to writing just grab your pen and paper and start generating your outline about that specific topic that you are thinking of writing for. With the help of an outline, you will get a direction of your content about; from where to start, from where to end, and what should be included in between.

Tip no 3: Write when the sun is rising!

Most people believe that a person is more productive in the early hours of the morning. So, it is a better approach to start writing in the early morning in order to bring more productivity to your work. You will definitely get your desired outcomes.

Tip no 4: Research thoroughly

Before writing anything that matters the most is thorough research about that particular topic in which you are interested in writing. Research opens the doors from various areas and you will be able to think from all the possible aspects of a single topic.

Tip no 5: Keep a notebook and pen with you always

If you are a passionate and diligent writer then you might know about this paper pen formula. It is for the people who in case you do not know, you should always keep paper and pen with you to write it down immediately if anything inspires you anywhere. That’s how an impressive creative piece can be built.

Tip no 6: Take real life inspiration

It is good to take inspiration from real-life people rather than inspiring from tv or movie characters. Because of this, you can give real-life examples to your readers which will make your article more authentic and credible

Tip no 7: Avoid excess use of adverbs

It has been observed by many writing researchers that the excess use of adverbs is not good for any writing piece. Try to use fewer adverbs because that makes the writing piece ambiguous and vanishes the creativity of your content completely.

Tip no 8: Do not use unnecessary words

Avoid using unnecessary words and difficult vocabulary. Because Wikipedia works as an encyclopedia for many and they take notes from the articles that are available there. So, if you use an excess of unnecessary words and difficult vocabulary it will bring a reading difficulty to the readers as there are a lot of readers having diverse knowledge of the language.

Tip no 9: Proofread your content

Once you are done with the writing process, never forget to edit and proofread your content. Proofreading plays a vital role in the creation of good content. Thoroughly scan your content to see if there are any spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.

Tip no 10: Read aloud when done

Afterwards, completing the writing process, now it is the time to read your own article thoroughly. It will be good if you read your creative piece loudly. When you read aloud you will be able to correct those mistakes too which are more likely to be skipped if you read silently. Try it. It will definitely help you.

Tip no 11: Keep practicing

As we all know ‘’Practice makes men perfect’’. Yeah, that’s true. The more you practice the more you get improvement and the process goes on. Read books, and take assistance from valid sources available on the internet. Moreover, the best way to improve anything is by practicing it so all you need to enhance your writing is just practice, practice, and practice.

Tip no 12: Read famous authors

Reading is also an essential part of the writing process. Most importantly, reading the famous or notable writer’s write-ups will enhance your writing abilities and you will get more exposure to new and proven writing techniques. The more you read the more you will learn new writing techniques and your approach toward writing will get better with time.

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