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Things to Avoid When Writing Research Hypothesis


A hypothesis is considered one of the essential parts of any research work. It is recommended to write a strong hypothesis statement for good research work. A hypothesis is a research question that predicts the outcomes of the research. No scientific research investigation is possible without a hypothesis. A hypothesis needs to be clear and straight. Any flaw or ambiguity in writing research hypothesis can harm the research work. The research hypothesis in the study can be true or false. The researcher may face challenges of mistakes and errors in testing a hypothesis.

  • Type 1 error means the research rejects the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is true.  
  • Type 2 error is means the research accepts a null hypothesis when the null hypothesis false.

We can use the following guidelines to avoid mistakes and errors while conducting the study.

  • The researcher should select the research topic and subject matter carefully.
  • Sampling is also an essential part of effective research. Wrong sampling may lead to face errors in testing the research hypotheses.
  • A thorough process of data collection.
  • Data analysis must be completed with a neutral opinion.

Writing Research Hypothesis

Planning is the first step in writing research hypothesis. The researcher must consult himself and read enough literature to understand the subject matter. A research hypothesis combines two or more variables to form a statement. The researcher conducts thorough research to prove the researcher’s prediction in hypothesis. The hypothesis statement must base on an objective statement instead of subjective judgement. The researcher must follow the following five-step guidelines shared by best dissertation writers to develop an effective research hypothesis:

  1. Make predictions and relationships between variables,
  2. Use of simple and concise language expression,
  3. Clear statement without any vague concept or ambiguity in it,
  4. The subject matter can be tested and observed, and;
  5. The statement must be specific and relevant to the subject matter and topic of the study.

Things to Avoid When Writing Research Hypothesis

There are four common mistakes that a researcher commits while writing research hypothesis. The researcher must avoid these mistakes to construct an effective research hypothesis. These mistakes include:

A Vague Understanding Of What To Extract From The Research

A vague idea on the topic will be challenging for the researcher while writing research hypothesis. If the researcher is confused about the subject matter, the hypothesis will also reflect ambiguity. Eventually, it affects the research conclusion. The researcher should completely understand the topic selected for the study. For this purpose, the researcher needs to conduct vast research on the subject matter to understand the past, present and future prospects. This way, the researcher can conduct effective research work. A broad study on the topic will open the researcher’s vision on a selected topic and hence will be able to write a research hypothesis concisely.

Writing An Untestable Hypothesis Statement

The hypothesis statement should be testable. If a hypothesis statement is untestable, then the research is invalid. It is impossible to prove an untestable research hypothesis. The research process is the collection of data and analysis of the data. However, an untestable hypothesis statement cannot derive any result. The conclusion made by the research while using an untestable hypothesis will be objectionable and may be considered an invalid research design. Therefore, the researcher needs to design and develop testable thesis statements. The researcher will conduct a thorough study to test these hypothesis statements. The tests will lead the researcher to reach a definite resulteither yes or no. While writing a research hypothesis, the researcher must consider whether the hypothesis statement is testable or not.

Do Not Have Valid Arguments On How The Change Will Help In Achieving Desired Results Of The Research Hypothesis

The researcher must be aware of the research purpose and hypothesis while testing. It is also essential for the researcher to know what changes he needs to achieve the desired results and what are its impacts on the research of the hypothesis. Suppose the researcher cannot develop an understanding or build an argument to bring changes to achieve the research aims and objectives. In that case, the research paper or literature will be useless and lead to false positives. To overcome this challenge, the researcher needs to understand the topic.

The wide research on the subject matter will help the researcher build a strong argument based on logical reasoning. Complete knowledge will help design and construct a valid research hypothesis. The researcher will be able to present complete information and present supporting arguments on the subject matter. The researcher may collectively conclude the topic by giving opinions and suggestions that may bring improvement relating to the subject matter. In this way, the researcher can complete an effective research process. However, in case of any difficulty, he may hire the UK dissertation writing services.

Setting Research Limitations

The researcher needs to ensure that they mark the research limitations while designing and constructing the research hypothesis. It will help make a clear understanding of the stance on the topic and help ensure there are no false positives. If the researcher forgets to take a clear stance in the hypothesis statement, the research work will not have a proper direction. The researcher will be unable to conduct an in-depth research analysis as it will take the research out of bounds.


A hypothesis is one of the essential elements of the research work. The researcher must keep in mind the important factors for writing research hypothesis. While designing the research hypothesis, mistakes can have a devastating impact on the whole study. Therefore, the researcher must avoid mistakes while designing a research hypothesis.

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