The Top Lab Grown Diamond Rings Trends for 2022

Lab grown diamonds are bringing the world by storm! They are consistently being featured in magazines, television shows, and on social media as the next big thing in jewelry. They have many special qualities that produce them stand out from natural diamonds, including their chemical composition and color as well as their price tag which makes them much more reasonable than natural diamonds making them great value for money. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 trends for lab grown diamond rings for 2022.

Which trend is right for you?

For some, a lab grown diamond rings may not be enough to feel special. If you’re one of those people, you can always go with a hybrid ring—which combines lab-grown diamonds with traditional cuts and/or all-natural diamonds. However, if you want a lab-grown diamond ring that still has character and personality, there are ways to do that as well. There are countless options when it comes to synthetic gemstones; white sapphires and black spinel stones have been growing in popularity over recent years.

Are lab grown diamonds better than mined diamonds?

Many people ask if lab grown diamonds are better than mined diamonds. While it’s tempting to say that since they’re lab-grown and ethically sourced, in reality, most of them are indistinguishable from mined diamonds, especially when they’re not set in a ring. One of their biggest advantages is that they can be cheaper than real mined diamonds because fewer supply issues mean lower prices all around. If you want to buy cheap lab grown diamond rings, look for one with little or no additional treatments such as irradiation or impregnation.

Setting trends in Lab grown diamond jewelry

Lab grown diamonds are revolutionary and will continue to be in demand. Natural diamonds are not getting any cheaper; therefore, you must choose a lab grown diamond ring as your engagement ring or wedding band. Lab grown diamonds can help you save money while still keeping up with trends in jewelry. Here are some of our favorite trends coming out in 2022. Start planning your engagement rings today!

How do you know if the ring is real?

To make sure you’re buying a Lab Grown Diamond Rings that won’t crack or shatter over time, always ask your seller about their lifetime warranty. If they don’t offer one, you should be suspicious of their product. The best way to know if your ring is real is by asking your seller what testing and certifications they have on file to prove its authenticity. It’s important to remember that not all testing facilities can verify a diamond as genuine and some might provide outdated information or even false information.

Lab Grown Diamond Ring Designs For Women

Women tend to prefer lab grown diamond rings, in part because they can get a larger stone than their natural counterparts would allow. With lab-grown diamonds, you aren’t limited by size or color and can create a ring with sparkle and pizzazz. It is worth noting that women also appreciate flexibility when it comes to design; that’s why you often see these rings in unique shapes and colors. As lab grown diamond rings become more popular, you will likely see more of these unconventional styles hit the market!

Side Stone Engagement Rings

According to the research firm Zion Market Research, by 2022, 10% of all lab grown diamond engagement rings will be created using lab-grown diamonds. The bulk of these will be smaller stones that are set into a side setting rather than a central one. The rising availability and falling prices mean more customers can afford lab-grown diamonds (which can cost up to 70% less than natural diamonds). Additionally, consumers are becoming more accepting of diamonds created in a lab environment—this was once considered a taboo purchase. As such, over time, consumers have grown accustomed to purchasing man-made jewelry as well as taking care of it. Choose lab grown diamond rings for women.

Matching Ring Sets

Pairing rings with similar designs can help couples to avoid an overly gaudy ring set. However, looking too matchy-matchy is a common faux pas in wedding fashion. A non-traditional way to avoid that problem is to look at having matching designs with some details that aren’t exactly alike. For example, a modern couple might choose two simple bands but have their engagement ring feature a single diamond while their wedding band boasts an ornate pattern of diamonds and gemstones. Another option would be to look into customizing your wedding bands based on your future spouse’s personality or preferences.