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Process of Surrogacy

When you have decided to be a surrogate or extend your family through surrogacy, you need to understand it is a complex process that involves emotional, mental, psychological, financial, legal, and medical approvals. While you may know some celebrities that opt for surrogacy, this process of bringing new life and hope to a couple’s life is becoming more common among everyone. Whether choosing surrogacy because of fertility problems or other reasons, you may want to know what this beautiful journey would entail before visiting your surrogacy agency if you have taken this big step.

Here is everything you need to know about surrogacy and the process involved in it-

What is Surrogacy?

When a couple cannot get pregnant because of several factors, they opt for surrogacy. It is a method where a chosen surrogate carries the pregnancy until a baby is delivered to the intended parents. The surrogate mother is compensated for her energy, time, and emotional investments.

What are the Types of Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is of two types, and here is their description-


The surrogate is artificially inseminated by the intended father’s sperm and donates her egg. She, therefore, has a genetic connection to the child and is the biological mother.


The surrogate has no genetic connection with the child and only carries them for the intended parents hence called the birth mother. The fertilized egg is transferred into her uterus, which she nourishes until the term ends and the baby is delivered.

What are the Steps Involved in the Surrogacy Process?

The surrogacy process differs in every case due to state surrogacy laws, surrogacy agency, conditions of the surrogate mother and the intended parents, and many others. Here are the general steps in the surrogacy process-

Step #1- Deciding if Surrogacy is the Correct Choice:

Surrogacy is a major decision in every individual’s life. As a surrogate, you will have to be ready to commit to another family for about a year when you undergo multiple medical, legal, and psychological evaluations, and later for the pregnancy term. You will have to endure all the changes that pregnancy brings for someone else. However, many women choose to be surrogate mothers, as the fulfilling positives easily outweigh the negatives. As an intended parent, you will have the responsibility of the surrogate mother. You will also have to understand the commitment, pros, and cons of becoming parents through surrogacy. It is a challenging process with emotional and financial investments.

Step #2- Talking to a Surrogacy Agency:

While many couples and individuals choose to directly find a surrogate mother and never involve a surrogacy agency, it is better to hire one. They will take responsibility for everything for you, from legal requirements to finding a match to completing the entire process. You will have to undergo psychological and medical assessments to ensure you are ready to be a surrogate mother and prospective parent. The surrogate mother will have many other evaluations for the same. All these tests are done under the supervision of doctors and trained professionals in the fertility agency chosen by the intended parents.

Step #3- Preparations:

  • Finding the match:

One of the most crucial steps in surrogacy is finding a match that compliments each other. You may be asked to create a portfolio including photos and information about your family, and these details will help you understand each other better. As a surrogate mother, the agency will ask about your preferences for the family you want to work with. These may include your relationship with the child, culture, religion, age, sexual orientation, personality, etc. It is a much bigger responsibility for you to choose a surrogate mother of your preferences as intended parents. The agency will set up a meeting when they find the perfect match.

  • Completing the legal requirements:

Every surrogacy agency requires the surrogate mother and the intended parents to draft and sign a contract after agreeing to the discussed terms. If you don’t have one, your agency will provide you with an attorney.

Step #4- The Procedure:

Once everything is settled, the actual medical procedure for surrogacy begins. The surrogate mother and donors will be given medications for specific steps. For instance, the surrogate mother will be given fertility medications to create a suitable environment for the embryo’s nourishment. Once the egg is fertilized, it will be transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus. When the baby’s heartbeats are audible, the surrogate mother starts getting payments for a successful pregnancy.

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