The Newest Trends in AV Production & How To Incorporate Them

After the pandemic time, the AV industry has developed a lot. You can find various trends and ideas that you can incorporate into your virtual events for a better experience. Moreover, audio and visual products have always attracted more audiences than additional infographics. 

AV production has the ability to accomplish engaging and high-quality streaming in order to bolster your virtual event. You can find numerous virtual event platforms online providing different features in order to execute a bolster event. But it is very crucial that you choose the most trustable and secure solution for your virtual event. It can help you achieve your event goals and fulfill the purpose without hassle.

All you need is to create a list of features of virtual events you want for yours. AV production also has various trends that you can consider for your event. Remember to compare and pick the most suitable virtual event expert in order to create a successful event. Here are some newest trends in AV production you should incorporate and consider while looking for an event.

List of Newest Trends in AV Production to Incorporate!

You can add and follow the latest trends for your virtual and hybrid events. 10 newest trends in AV productions with ways to incorporate them into your virtual event are as follows:

  1. In-Person & Online Communication Combination

Businesses conduct a hybrid event, a combination of remote and physical events. In such events, the speaker can interact with both in-person and online users in order to solve all the queries. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to reach a maximum in a single event via an online platform. Many virtual event platforms provide exceptional features with their services in order to make the event more interactive, engaging, and networking.

  1. Tools for Easy User Participate

While a hybrid event, the first step is registration and log-in by the users. The latest trend is to provide a web-based browser to the attendees. So, they do not get stuck in an app or software downloading. As per the audiovisual production trend, you can now engage & make the event attendees participate in events by using gamification or leaderboard contests. Moreover, this tool keeps users busy in the event.

  1. Automated & Touchless Environments

Automation and touchless environment has turned from nice-to-have to must-have property after COVID 19. It has become the demand of the industries to provide a virtual environment in order to provide a safe and secure place. With a hybrid event platform, you can get a space where a limited number of people can meet physically; but others can enjoy the event virtually without any interruption. Moreover, you can call it an AV trend that has changed the complete event experience. 

  1. Complete Event Management

An organizer wants to take complete control over the event and various activities. That’s why the right hybrid event platform gives access to the exhibitors in order to manage & customize the entire event and sessions. Organizers can plan the whole ambiance & every booth for their event in order to maintain proper promotion of sponsors and their own products. Moreover, you can set up your entire event personally by picking the right virtual event platform.

  1. Live Streaming

You can stream your ongoing physical event easily via the hybrid event option. It can be helpful to reach all the audiences in person and online. Moreover, you can interact & connect with your attendees using numerous features tools. On the other hand, it is not necessary to host a virtual event right with them in person while organizing a hybrid event. You can simply stream the recorded session after a time when you find it suitable. 

  1. Story Streaming Software Integration 

Nowadays, social networking requires videos more than images. That’s why it’s time to switch to videography. You can record it live and write a caption before uploading it. Moreover, you can get this option even for your hybrid event by reaching the right hybrid event platform. Hence, you can record and share a story with automated captions available on various smartphone devices.

  1. New Artificial Intelligence Voiceover

It is essential to upgrade the old-school text to speech voices that sound more like a computer robot. Now, it’s time to switch to AI voices that have been hitting the market. This AI-integrated voiceover is much more professional than before. It makes the understanding and video experience better and creates enhanced automated technology.

  1. 3D, 360 & Metaverse Technology

You can take 3D stages for your virtual and hybrid events from the best virtual and hybrid event platforms. It enhances the event experience and makes the event more engaging. Moreover, the 3D effect adds user experience. 

360 degree is a technology that shows you a complete view of a place from your home. You can look at the whole ambiance on the screen just like you see in real-time. Moreover, various brands and businesses have already integrated it for their store tour.

Metaverse is an upcoming technology that will take a little more time to get into our regular life. It is a complete virtual world that you can experience like you are there in that environment for real.

  1. AI Virtual Representative

In every hybrid and virtual event, brands create booths that share information about a particular product with the users. Even in the physical events, you can find representatives sharing the details of a product launch event, virtual exhibition, fair, etc. They share all the content and data required to turn potential into a conversion. Moreover, it is the best way to enhance event management for various virtual and hybrid gatherings. 

  1. Immersive Hybrid Event Features

You can get immersive hybrid event features if you reach the right & trustable hybrid event platform. Moreover, you can get the following features with your event.

So, these are the various newest AV production trends that brands can incorporate in their hybrid events by reaching the right hybrid event platform. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to get the latest trends for your virtual events.

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