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The Major Dispensaries in Toronto Selling Cannabis


The upscale Toronto dispensary features interactive screens for shoppers to learn more about the cannabis products on offer. Its decor is stylish, and the selection is impressive. While the products can be expensive, the service is excellent. Although prices can be expensive, the service is second to none. The products can be found in many different categories, and customers will find what they need.

Cannabis retailers in early days

In the early days of the industry, the number of cannabis retailers has been increasing rapidly in Ottawa. Many dispensaries opened next to each other – one dispensary is located on the same block as another. As more retailers entered the market, the licensing process became easier and competition decreased. As more retailers entered the market, sales levels slowed. Nevertheless, the number of dispensaries opened for business has increased and the amount of cannabis in the province has steadily grown.

Following are the best weed dispensaries in Toronto.

Tokyo Smoke

The official opening of Tokyo Smoke cannabis dispensary in Toronto was announced on Monday, just weeks before the province legalized recreational cannabis sales. Founded in 2015 as a cannabis-adjacent brand, Tokyo Smoke has several locations in Toronto. Although the company is not yet selling marijuana due to provincial regulations, there are 104 cannabis strains to choose from, including a large selection of Japanese and Thai strains. Budtenders are equipped with tablets, which will allow them to pull up strain information and fill their virtual cart with product.

A licensing deal with a local liquor company will allow Tokyo Smoke to sell proprietary pot in Toronto and other provinces. Tokyo Smoke’s proprietary cannabis will have four strains, and the names of the products are designed to evoke spa treatments. Tokyo Smoke’s flagship dispensary will offer a variety of products, including cannabis-infused clothes and accessories. While recreational cannabis consumption is still illegal in Canada, Justin Trudeau has introduced reforms to legalize it for recreational use.

A new partnership between cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke and Uber Eats has opened the door for customers to order their weed online through the popular food delivery service’s app. The partnership means customers will be able to place an order online and collect their goods in a matter of hours. Customers will be required to show ID when picking up their cannabis products, which means that cannabis delivery service is a big step towards legalization in Canada.

Like many other Toronto cannabis dispensaries, Tokyo Smoke also features interactive displays, stylish furniture, and an expansive selection of premium cannabis merch. In contrast to nearby Yorkville cannabis dispensaries, Tokyo Smoke is an elegant place with a stylish design. The dispensary is open seven days a week, and has several locations in the city. The company does not sell cannabis, but does sell high-quality cannabis merchandise.

Located in the trendy downtown neighborhood of Kensington Market, this cannabis dispensary has a relaxed and tropical vibe. They recycle the plastic packaging used for cannabis products. Customers should bring a government-issued photo ID when visiting the store. The store also has education specialists roaming the sales floor. They will be happy to answer any questions and help customers make their decision. You can place your cannabis order with an education specialist or by using cash at the counter.

Puffs Haven

If you are looking for a cannabis dispensary in Toronto, Puffs Haven Toronto is one of the newest establishments. It is located at 569 Yonge Street near the Yonge and Wellesley intersection. The decor is grass themed, and the logo features a checkerboard floor. This dispensary has over a dozen varieties, and excellent customer service. It is a popular spot for patients and recreational users alike.

Located on the southwest corner of Yonge and Commor, Puffs Haven has over forty different strains of marijuana for you to choose from. The dispensary also has a full line of vape wands, dabs, and vaporizers. You will feel comfortable and at home at Puffs Haven. They are an excellent destination for medical marijuana patients in Toronto.

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