The Farmer’s Guide to Selecting the Right Pop-Up Tent

Pop-Up Tent

Farmers’ markets give local businesses great opportunities to come face-to-face with their target customers. So, make sure your pop-up tents feature these labels. In recent years, these opportunities have increased in number. Less than 20 years ago, there were no more than 2,000 farmers’ markets in the United States. Now, according to the USDA Farmers Market Directory, there are 8,600+ farmers’ markets across the nation.

If you’re a small-scale vendor, attending a few of these 8,600+ farmers’ markets can help your business. Millions of people attend these markets. Businesses and vendors use savvy marketing tools to stand out in these crowds. They stand out in the seas of other businesses and customers by using custom-printed, promotional pop-up tents.

Tent Marketing at Farmers Markets

Tent marketing and farmers’ markets go hand in hand. All the top vendors use pop-up canopies, frame tents, and other types of tents at these events. The tents provide weather protection. Custom-printed tents also serve as highly effective marketing tools. No farmer’s market booth is complete without high-quality pop-up tents.

Here’s a farmer’s guide to choosing the right tent for building the perfect farmers’ market set-up.

Prioritize Transportation and Mobility

Don’t think of what will happen at the farmer’s market while choosing tents. Think of how you’ll carry the tent from one market to another first. To keep your logistics balanced, only select tents that are light, collapsible, easy to store, and transport. Vendors who frequent farmers’ markets need to transport, set up, and do it all again several times a day.

These tasks are only possible with light, easy-to-use tents. Ideally, the tent should have a sturdy frame or structure that collapses or bends within seconds. Such tents are easier to uninstall so they’re awfully helpful during weather emergencies.

The Tent’s Size Should Suit the Market Space

Don’t select a tent without knowing how much space you’ll be afforded at your farmers’ markets. Typically, most farmers’ markets charge hefty fees for larger lots or rental spaces. Unless you’re paying such high fees, you’re likely to get a small lot/space to sell and promote your products. Only select tents that are guaranteed to fit in such small spaces.

A 10×10 pop up tent can comfortably fit in such small spaces. Despite this, these tents are big enough to store up to five people inside.

Select the Right Materials

Many municipalities have established strict laws regarding fire safety at local farmers’ markets. Vendors who attend outdoor markets need to carry tents that have fire-resistance labels. These labels should indicate that the tent meets certain fire resistance ratings. So, make sure your pop-up tents feature these labels. Here are the features a fire-resistant tent should feature –

  • Light and anodized steel or aluminum frames that can withstand rust and stay stable in all conditions.
  • Tents with fire-resistant coatings. Many new-age tents are made of fire-resistant fabrics like vinyl. These tents are further coated to ensure they meet the latest fire-safety standards.
  • The tents must also be 100% waterproof.

Do your farmers’ market tents meet these criteria? Get a promotional tent make of high-quality materials now and start promoting your booth

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