The Essentials of the Big Data Developers

big data developers

Did you notice that the word “big data” is becoming more and more audible for some time? This is because it is one of the emerging technologies. It has become the king of the information technology sector. All praise to the facilities it provides.

Although, it is hard to predict anything in today’s technologically advanced world. Yet, it is possible to a great extent that big data will keep ruling the IT industry for some decades to come.

As big data is an emerging field, it is hard to find reliable and professional resources. Because very few IT professionals have the required skills.

Moreover, people don’t know about the responsibilities and roles of big data developers. Knowing responsibilities and roles is not only important for the recruiters but also for the developers. To prosper in a career, it is important to know its responsibilities.

Thus, this article aims to provide a thorough account on:

  • Defining the big data developers
  • The roles and responsibilities of the big data developers
  • The hiring process of big data developers

Defining big data developers:

A big data developer is one who is capable of dealing with huge data. A big data developer creates Hadoop applications that serve the needs of a company.

Similarly, he also plays an important role in solving big data-related problems as well. Big data developers are quite similar to software developers.

Yet, they can work with trillions of bytes of data with the help of different programming languages which include C, C++, RoR, Python, and so on.

Hadoop solutions have a complete cycle. A big data developer must be able to follow the lifecycle. The lifecycle revolves around selecting an appropriate platform, designing a complete architecture, gathering and analyzing requirements, developing the application and its design, and then testing and deploying it.

Different roles and responsibilities of big data developers:

One can notice with a little effort that big data jobs are everywhere. Companies of every size have realized the potential of big data. A good big data developer can earn up to $150,000 per annum in the USA.

Yet, it is important to list the responsibilities and roles of the big data developers. Because low-quality data processing costs $600 billion to the USA every year.

As we have discussed its importance, now let’s jump into the key responsibilities of big data developers.

  • A big data developer handles millions of bytes of data, and interacts with it to support business intelligence
  • Loading and assembling data from different sources
  • Optimizing and making sure efficient querying
  • Managing and deploying Hadoop Database
  • A big data developer is responsible for protecting the security and privacy of data
  • Responsibility to configure, design, build and installing Hadoop
  • Responsibility to develop scalable web services for tracking data on websites
  • Big data developers are also responsible for the development and implementation of Hadoop
  • Big data developers are responsible for translating complex functional and non-functional requirements into simple designs
  • He is also responsible for suggesting any changes in the design based on the data analytics.

These are some of the top responsibilities of big data developers.

Now, it is important to discuss the essentials of hiring big data developers. Because big data developers play an important role in the success of a company.

Hire Biga Developers:

Hiring big data developers is a very critical step. Since it is comparatively a new field, the recruiters are not sure how they can choose the right candidate.

The demand for big data developers has increased manifold over time. It has become one of the most in-demand technologies in 2021. Thus, we have outlined a few recommendations that can help in hiring big data developers.

Choose the right skill assessment test for big data developers

One can find several online platforms that can test the skills of the candidates. However, it is very important to make sure that the test is comprehensive enough to cover all the critical aspects. For example, the recruiters can use an online Hadoop skill assessment test for evaluation.

Evaluate the analytical and creative skills of the candidate

For a big data developer, it is important for the candidate to have sound analytical skills. The recruiters can check it by conducting comprehensive tests and asking candidates to solve problems.

This is very helpful in identifying if the candidate has sound problem-solving skills. Moreover, it also helps in harnessing and evaluating their creativity skills.

Moreover, the following are some more aspects that should be considered by recruiters.

  • The candidate must have a good knowledge of data visualization tools. These tools include Tableau, QlikView, and QlikSense.
  • They have a sound knowledge base of statistical and quantitative analysis.
  • They should have a sound grip on machine learning concepts.
  • The candidate must also have good knowledge of data mining tools. For example, RapidMine, Kaggle, Rattle, etc.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying the fact that the demand for big data developers has increased manifold over time. And the increasing demand is expected to follow this pattern for the next many years. The market of big data is predicted to grow too which is about double its predicted size in 2018. As the world is moving towards big data and AI, it is high time for you to benefit from it also. For that purpose, you can hire big data developers from well-reputed companies to fulfill your demands.

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