The best men’s underwear based on your body type

trunk underwear online

All of us love underwear. If you are a man you may have brought the same piece of underwear in the last 20 odd years. But have you go on to choose trunk underwear online based on the body type. Hence it is better to choose underwear that is based on your body type.

The reasons why the choice of the underwear is vital?

The mere mention of the term underwear indicates that it is the cloth behind the main pair of clothes. So the choice of the men’s underwear is important or not. The underwear serves various purposes like when you are sitting on the office desk or just lazing in the premises of your home.

From a health point of view it is always better to choose quality underwear and not opt for cheap versions. A quality underwear fulfils the below points

  • Is known to regulate the body temperature from outside
  • Keeps the trouser clean from inside
  • Ample support to your genitals is provided ensuring that it is clean during the day.

This is not the decision that you need to make. There is also the type of underwear that is going to have considerable impact on your day to day life. The choice that you make is going to have an impact on your self- confidence, the performance at work and how your partner will be attracted towards you.

The types of underwear that you can choose

Briefs falls into a category of underwear that each one of us are aware. They are known to cover your crouch area as it formulates a Y shaped front extending support to your genitals. This is going to emphasize your so called package.

The drawback with a brief is that it is self- discriminatory. If your body is great you can wear a pair of briefs and showcase your groin area. But for bigger men briefs will bring a lot of attention on to the hip area.


They are not the swimming trunks as it is shorter briefs with a shorter thigh coverage. Buy Men’s trunk online from Mudbond, it may replicate a form of swimming trunks as less fabric and a similar waist bond is there. They are one size above the boxer in terms of fit and if the quality is good it is not going to lose out on the elastic features for a prolonged period of time. Since the trunks are smaller and it stays close to the body, they are going to complement the bigger guys just like the briefs do. They are bound to work for men with wider hips though boxer brief is something that would be preferable.

By now it may seem confusing on which type of underwear you will choose. A thong or a boxer brief and make sure that it works out to be the best when it comes to body type. The onus is entirely on you as you can decide which suits you the best.

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