The Best IPTV Streaming Servers in 2022

IPTV Streaming

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a cost-effective and high-quality technology that is rapidly replacing conventional cable and satellite IPTV Streaming services.

Besides saving money, the best IPTV streaming servers provide the buyer with uninterrupted live streaming on a wide selection of movies, web series, and international shows.

IPTVs are incredibly easy to use. You only need to connect them to your television using HDMI cables. They come with remote controls to help you navigate the system with ease.

The demand for IPTV streaming services among households around the world is skyrocketing every day. As such, many companies and individuals have risen to meet this demand.

Choosing the best IPTV server to meet your household/ individual needs among the thousands can be a daunting task.

For this reason, we bring you the best IPTV streaming servers in this review.

  1. Dedicated GC-64

It is a high-performance server that features:

  • 64G RAM
  • 250GB SSD storage
  • 1~2GBps (5Gbps Dedicated Port) Bandwidth
  • 2~4 weeks Uptime
  • 8CPU

Cost: 130 USD per month

  • Dedicated AZ-64

It features:

  • 64G RAM
  • 250GB SSD storage
  • 2~4Gbps (5Gbps Dedicated Port)
  • 2~4 weeks Uptime
  • 8CPU

Cost: 150 USD per month

  • Dedicated AW-128

The features of this server are:

  • 128G RAM
  • 500GB SSD storage
  • 3~5Gbps (10Gbps Dedicated Port)
  • 1~2 weeks Uptime
  • 32CPU

Cost: 200 USD per month

All the three IPTV mentioned above are unmetered and currently serving in Europe, America, and Asia. They are compatible with the Linus/ Windows operating systems.

Why Buy Our Servers?

  • Some of the unique features that set our servers apart from those of our competitors are:
  • We specialize in providing only the high-performance servers from the premium datacenter
  • We offer the best price for IPTV services. You get an impressive price discount when you purchase 10 servers or more.
  • Our servers have unmetered high-performance bandwidth
  • We ignore DMCA 100%
  • Before you purchase any of our servers, we allow one or two hours’ test.
  • You get an automatic server update when the system is down. You also receive an automatic replacement or replacement within the shortest time possible.
  • We offer 24/7/365 customer support, mainly via Skype.

Who Can Use Our Servers?

Our servers are suitable for:

  • Individuals/ household IPTV
  • Server Resellers who are looking for quality and affordability


We recommend that you purchase two or more servers, especially if you are into business. When one server goes down, the other will keep your business running uninterrupted. We also recommend the hybrid models for optimal performance.

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