The Advantages Of Annual Skin Screening At Skin Cancer Clinic Gold Coast

The Advantages Of Annual Skin Screening At Skin Cancer Clinic Gold Coast

One of the most treatable and preventable malignancies is skin cancer, but early detection is the key to both of these outcomes.

Doctors advise annual skin cancer screenings at the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center like Sundoctors Gold Coast because of this. The educated, knowledgeable staff has experience doing skin cancer screenings, and the skin cancer clinic Gold Coast is conveniently located in Australia.

How to Prepare for the skin test

Specialists offer testing in a relaxing, private one-on-one setting. The screening, which consists of a full-body visual check and typically lasts 30 minutes, is the best way to find skin cancer in its early stages. Screening is particularly crucial if you have pale skin, blonde or red hair, have a history of severe sunburns, or are at increased risk of developing skin cancer owing to prior or present medical issues.

Specialists give you comfortable garments and take great care throughout your screening because the exam entails a visual examination of your entire body. Specialists want you to feel relaxed throughout the exam. It is advised without wear nail polish or makeup so that the doctor can view your skin more clearly. Long hair should also be worn loosely for a better view of the scalp. In order to diagnose and treat you as efficiently as possible, doctors will also ask you about your personal and family background, including things like your sun exposure, any medications you take, and whether or not skin cancer runs in your family.

The Skin You’re In

At some time in their life, up to 20% of Americans may receive a skin cancer diagnosis, but when it is caught early, it is treatable quickly and successfully. Self-examinations at home are a smart approach to monitoring your risk of skin cancer and keeping an eye out for any moles or anomalies that could develop into cancer. However, these self-examinations are not a replacement for a dermatologist’s examinations. Some places, such as the scalp, back, and groin, are challenging to examine yourself, even when checking often at home.

Not just in areas exposed to the sun, but also elsewhere on the body, skin cancer can form. Even the most deadly kind, melanoma, which may affect people of any color and ethnicity, is relatively treatable once discovered.

The Next Steps

Doctors can perform a biopsy in our clinic if your skin cancer check reveals any abnormalities or potentially malignant growths. Biopsies are simple, quick, and typically painless. To provide a pain-free biopsy, we employ a local anesthetic. The doctor can talk with you about additional treatment options once we have analyzed the biopsy and determined whether it is benign or malignant.

Conclusion:- An annual skin cancer test allows for early discovery, which makes skin cancer easier to cure and results in a better prognosis. Contact Dermatology & Skin Cancer Clinic straight away if you have any concerns about your skin cancer risk or need to set up a screening.

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