Tell us about Thoresta Herrgård and Konferens in Secluded Proximity

a few say our famend kitchen is the point of interest of Thoresta, others trust the safety and the stunning environmental factors make Thoresta what it’s miles. We accept as true with it’s you, the traveler, who is inside the center. Welcome!

Konferens in Secluded Proximity

We think safety and closeness are vast for an powerful meeting. We paintings in an wise way and lengthy haul with the weather and manageability as we are situated on a dwelling home. consequently, the closeness to Stockholm, Uppsala, and close air terminals, for example, Arlanda and Bromma imply pretty a bit to us. The much less environmental influence we make, the higher. we’re eager to help you with reserving transport from your workplace or from the air terminals.

indifferent Proximity way to us that we provide our site visitors a segregated villa with a provincial vicinity this is likewise close to the good sized urban groups and air terminals inside the district. It likewise implies that we want to provide you to fulfill undisturbed with an person and enthusiastic host. We efficaciously work with the region of our ranch and adjacent ranches so our feasts are conceivable and pinnacle-notch ready. food assumes a focal element in our cordiality.

beneficial gatherings

For a meeting you need people, yet a useful accumulating calls for significantly greater near. At Thoresta we offer an amicable but empowering air that offers motivation and helps creativeness. We tailor your events to guarantee that you can reason the maximum perfect usage of the time you spend all together.


Thoresta Herrgård has forty rooms and may oblige a sum of 70 traffic. The rooms at Thoresta Herrgård are mild and quieting. a few are full-size and roomy, even as others are more close. most of our forty rooms are situated in our red wing, on the left-hand side of the essential hotel. here you may likewise locate four specific rooms geared up in the traditional English style, complete with a whirlpool shower and a touch personal porch.

at the factor when you need quite extra safety…

Ören is a -tale lake residence with a totally organized kitchen, a meeting room with an open fireplace, and a wonderful glass veranda. higher up there are three twofold rooms. Ören likewise has its personal exclusive wood-terminated sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi, which is wonderful for loosening up following a day of gatherings.

food and drinks

At Thoresta we’ve the gain of doing exactly the exact component we need. We’re captivated with creating commonly Swedish dishes, and take loads of delight in doing as such. nothing amazing – truely affectionately prepared, pleasant meals. Our menus are intended to grandstand a desire of the pleasant occasional fixings, that have been picked or created domestically. We wish you a warm greeting and consider you partake in a casual, top-notch 

feasting experience.

Our wine basement is provided with in extra of 200 awesome wines from round the arena. There’s a here component to healthy every experience of flavor. We’re glad to direct you thru our wide wine listing and advise the ideal complement on your picked nighttime menu. on the other hand, absolutely ask our café group of workers who might be happy to expose you our wine basement. Our very a lot loaded alcohol bureau is likewise really worth a look. Our determination of pleasant spirits includes Bruichladdich whisky, Delamain cognac, and Calvados Roger Groult.

power for records

Thoresta Herrgård is encircled with the aid of antiquated landmarks from the Stone Age and Iron Age. The area’s particular call, Thorlastum, maximum possibly comes from a combination of the names Thorleif or Thorlaf and the words stadhir or stash, signifying ‘vicinity’. The generally stated usage of the call traces all the manner again to 1349. in the course of the 1500s the area changed into possessed with the aid of the de los angeles Gardie own family, with King Johan III having given the bequest to his infant in regulation Pontus de la Gardie. the first structure changed into labored in 1780 through Christer Posse, to one side of the current villa. The major constructing turned into moved to Norrköping in 1835, in which it was re-fabricated stone by using stone. in the end, one of the wings turned into modified over into some other most important building.

The most effective approach to track down Thoresta

Thoresta is more or less 7 km from Bålsta station, served by means of delivery and rail administrations from Stockholm, Arlanda, and Uppsala. A passenger educate from Stockholm to Bålsta station runs  instances always. For greater information on plans, see shipping 803 from Arlanda and delivery 895 from Uppsala both forestall at Bålsta station. For extra information, see there is a taxi rank speedy out of doors the station.

From Enköping

Take the E18 closer to Stockholm. Require the second exit for Bålsta. After the leave, turn left 

closer to Bålsta. continue straight-on till you come to a site visitors circle. cross immediately throughout this visitors circle. Following this is any other traffic circle. turn left at this traffic circle. comply with the street for multiple kilometers, passing the neighborhood vicinity of Kalmarsand and the water at the right-hand roadside. flip right on the signal for Thoresta Herrgård. you have got now entered the grounds of the bequest. The villa is located around 2 km up the rock street. there is a preventing on the two aspects of the pink wing.

From Uppsala

Take path fifty five closer to Enköping. on the site visitors circle at Litslena kyrka (Litslena Church) continue straight on in the direction of Grillby. turn left at the T-intersection closer to Grillby. be part of the E18 dual carriageway for Stockholm. Require the second one exit for Bålsta. After the depart, turn left towards Bålsta. proceed instantly on till you return to a site visitors circle. pass instantly throughout this visitors circle. Following this is any other traffic circle. turn left at this traffic circle. follow the road for a couple of kilometers, passing the neighborhood area of Kalmarsand and the water on the right-hand roadside. flip proper on the signal for Thoresta Herrgård. you’ve got now entered the grounds of the bequest. follow the rock street for more or less 2 km up to the villa. there’s a preventing on the 2 sides of the crimson wing.

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