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Nowadays, teaching and learning are not bounded within the boundaries of a classroom. But teaching and learning are happening in various ways and different places. Do you know why teaching and learning happen outside of the classroom? Teachers use technology tools for teaching and learning and teaching and learning can be happen anywhere.

Technology tools play an important role in distancing learning with the help of the internet as people use such as Desktop or computer, laptop, smartphone or mobile phone, and other gadgets and where they are but they can teach and learn.

In Pandemic situation 2021, In rural areas of India there 68 percent of teachers made curricula based on sharing video through an EdTech app. In the current time, many technology tools can help in teaching and learning, and using these teachers and students do not feel any difficulty and their time will be not waste happening any reasons.

These are technology tools that are most useful for teaching and learning


Edapp is a technology tool and it can be used for teaching and learning anytime and any place on the globe. It is a new public app for teaching and learning and this app functions based on microlearning. Edapp is free for everyone such as teachers, students, and other people who want to use it for teaching and learning purposes.

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There are some functions of Edapp:

  • It provides learners with vital knowledge and skills.
  • This app also has a content library and in the library, there are many different courses content available such as leadership, physical exercise, addressing world challenges, and many others.
  • It also provides you assessment function because it makes sure that teachers and students can achieve objectives of teaching and learning or not.
  • Finally, this app also gives you the advantage that you can use the LMS system free of cost.


Paymo is a technology tool based on project management and it is free for all schools, colleges, and universities. It’s functions like school management and it also provides you with a lot of functions such as multiple layers for assessing and permission for users.

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This platform is very useful for school administration, teachers, and students because its main function is collaboration: Teachers and students can collaboration with each other and teach and learn through it. Students can use it for collaborating or discussing with each other and they can do work in groups. It is also helpful for administration because they can be meeting with staff members easily through it at anyplace there are.

Last, teachers can schedule classes time and organize classwork. They also arrange a plan for the project it can happen for anything such as Portfolio and teachers can check students’ performance of any assignment which assigned by them.


As a teacher, what do you think about competition between students? Maybe sometimes think you good and sometimes bad. Kahoot! Is This technology tool that can use for teaching and learning purposes? Kahoot is a very simple tool and teachers use it to recall students learning about the previous topic and they can assess students how much they learn from the lessons.

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Kahoot is very helpful for teachers and students because it provides a function that is like a game and teachers also use it in class when he/she want to active students in a classroom doing a competition between them through it. Teachers also energize students through the use of this tool.

Kahoot functions!

  • Teachers and students do not necessary to sit in class while using it because you can use it for long-distance.
  • In this tool, teachers can make assessment activities according to their own choice.
  • Kahoot helps increase the attention of teachers and students while performing any task through it.
  • This tool also helps students to increase their eagerness regarding learning about any topic.
  • It can also use in the classroom for refreshing activities before starting teaching and learning.


Edmodo is a tool and it uses for educational purposes. This tool builds a connection between teachers, students, and administration. Teachers use it for teaching and learning for students and teachers can easily create an online class. This tool is also use 34 million users in the world for teaching and learning purposes.

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These are simple functions of Edmodo.

  • First, you do not any feel difficulty while using it because this tool is based on simple design and self-explanatory functions.
  • Teachers can easily create an online class for teaching.
  • Students can also easily connect with a teacher through these just simple students and teachers have an internet connection.
  • Teachers can provide materials to students while teaching and They also provide them for assignments and homework.
  • Teachers can do assessment activities through this and they also check students’ performance while performing any task.
  • The administration is also used to provide material teachers and to share guidance of classroom and content for teachings.


Teaching and learning are happening in different ways because of technology tools. Technology changes the environment of teaching and learning and teachers and students do not necessary to meet physically for it. Teachers and students can learn and teach to sit anywhere and just they need an internet connection. There are many tools but these are the most effective technology tools for teaching and learning as Edapp, Paymo, Kahoot!, and Edmodo.

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