Review of Rolex Pearlmaster Watches

Rolex has long been recognized for growing enticing, reliable watches. They’ve been leaders in innovation, and they’ve created many records for water resistance. Many Rolex models, are designed for explicit makes use, as well as diving. The Rolex Pearlmaster, however, was designed to display the timepiece as a piece of exquisite jewelry.

That being the case, this celebrated watch is offered in different sizes and designs, all of that seems to be made of gold and much of that embrace copious quantities of diamonds. Whereas no Rolex watches are thought of bargains, customers can discover this Rolex line goes to be a chunk additional expensive than most completely different watches from this Swiss producer. That expressed, you’ll possibly be additional than glad together with your purchase. According to Rolex’s official website, the most prestigious jewelry watch offered by Rolex is the Pearlmaster. It has the gently curved lines of the Pearlmaster design and is only created in 18 ct yellow, white, or Everose gold by Rolex in its own foundry. It is distinguished by particularly rich dials and superb gem settings of diamonds, sapphires, or rubies.


As with all merchandise from the organization, the construct wonderful is first-rate. As outlined on the above, cases are made of gold, 18 ct yellow, white, or “Everose.”. Water resistance of the Rolex Pearlmaster is respectable, but not outstanding from Rolex’s standard, at 100 meters. That’s enough for many needs, as you’re unlikely to deep sea diving while wearing a watch adorned in priceless diamonds, that should be adequate for the majority of purposes. The watch has a screw-down crown and a sapphire crystal that is extremely durable to preserve the watch face.


The Perpetual movements are in-house manufactured, and they are Swiss-made self-winding movements. Power reserve can be up to seventy hours, and also the watches are COSC certified, with an anticipated accuracy of +/- a pair of seconds per day.


There is a small amount of innovation right here; their fashions provide a date problem that operates the employer’s “Cyclops” lens over the date window, which magnifies the date and makes it easier to look at. The watch bracelets have a hid clasp, creating them appear seamless.


This series may additionally offer the foremost varied selection of types regardless of the agency makes. At closing be counted, there are additional than 300 completely different versions of the Rolex Pearlmaster accessible. Cases are accessible in 3 sunglasses of gold. The watches are to be had with and while not date complications. There are a variety of watch face alternatives accessible. you’ll have the watch set with diamonds, rubies, or sapphires. Finally, the case is to be had in twenty-nine, 34, or thirty-nine metric linear unit sizes. This watch is offered by every guy and girls models, though most of the individuals the models appear to be tailored for ladies.

Care and Maintenance

As the line consists entirely of automatic mechanical actions, you may ship them to the industrial plant or a licensed service middle every few years for cover. The service can involve disassembling the watch to look at it for broken or worn components, and ever-changing them, if vital. The watch can then be cleaned and reassembled, examined to form positive that it’s operative properly once cleaned once more before returning it to you.

Aside from this attention, you wish to conjointly save your watch far from robust magnetic fields and extremes of temperature. With the right care, your watch ought to run properly for several years to come back back.


The guarantee provided with the acquisition of a Rolex Pearlmaster is the standard in the horology world. Your watch is going to be a secure con to defects in materials and accomplishment for two years from the date of obtain. As these watches, are tested o.k. at the industrial plant before transport, defects are in all probability pretty rare.

Price Guide
The variety of pricing matches how diversified the Rolex Pearlmaster product line is. In pre-owned websites, the models go for as little as JPY2,700,000 or so, but other versions cost upwards of eight figures. In a line of expensive watches that include precious metals and jewels, this is to be anticipated. Having said that, you can probably locate a variety of models priced between JPY10,000,000 and JPY20,000,000.

Where to shop for

Like several luxurious brands, Rolex likes to tightly manage sales and distribution of their merchandise. That methodology that they’ll be formally oversubscribed simplest through agency stores and employer-authorized shops. This allows mercantilism to carry strict rating controls, that help prevent “dilution” in their emblem. On the choice hand, there are a variety of stores of “grey market” watches that might once a whereas provide them at a discount. you’ll discover them online at a number of respectable shops.

Be acutely aware that as a result of the watch is to be had in additional than 300 versions, no unwed distributer is altogether probability to possess quite a couple of distinct models on the market. Then all over again, they’re all appealing; therefore it shouldn’t be too robust to seek out one you wish, despite what range of the provider takes place to possess available.


Few Rolex watches have the look of fine jewelry, despite the fact that they are all appealing and practical. The one exception is this one, which was created from the ground up to be the brand’s line of timepieces for fine jewelry. All of them, then, have gold casings; stainless steel is not even an option. They are all made of gold, either yellow, white, or rose, and each one has diamonds, sapphires, or rubies as decorations.

They are therefore the ideal watch to wear on a formal night out or any other situation when you want to impress your pals. The Rolex Pearlmaster is not, by any means, a cheap watch, so you’ll have to pay for that. However, it is still a Rolex, with all the quality and accuracy that the brand implies, so it is still desirable.