Top 6 Reasons Why Sales Persistence Matters 

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It’s easy for employees in sales to get demotivated. This is because this field requires immense effort, patience, and persistence. In fact, several studies reveal that salespeople are highly likely to quit after the first few contracts. This happens because in many cases, the calls that these workers make don’t always result in sales. As a result, salespeople get demotivated, discouraged, and tired. You can visit Closify to hire sales reps that can help you close more deals.”

However, persistence is a trait that’s important for all kinds of businesses today. Even companies using centralized recruitment look for candidates who demonstrate the ability to be persistent. Therefore, it’s important to continue on your path despite facing obstacles. Here’s why sales persistence pays off.  

It Sets Realistic Expectations 

Being persistent as a salesperson can help you set realistic expectations for your career path. When you consistently follow up on calls with clients, you better understand the patterns and behaviors of various customers. As a result, you can gauge the chances of success and failure. When you’re persistent in sales, there’s a good chance that you will eventually understand what works and what doesn’t. This will also help you hone your skills and makes them more adaptable to various situations. 

However, if you were to give up and quit after the first few calls, you would be likely to repeat the same behavior again. This can greatly inhibit your chances of learning. With persistence, you can set realistic expectations for both your clients and your career.  

It Helps You Build a Relationship with Clients 

When you’re persistent, you’re likely to adopt a follow-up strategy. This simply means that such salespeople will keep going back to clients/ If the first call doesn’t produce a positive outcome, they will keep repeating the process until they achieve their goal. One way to do this is by engaging with the customers by building communication and dialogue. Then, you can slowly build up to your actual question or offer. This helps build a relationship with your clients.

Along with this, it can also help to improve communication and enhance collaboration. When you learn how to build a healthy relationship with your clients through persistence, you’re more likely to succeed.  

You’ll Understand Your Clients’ Needs and Wants Better 

It’s very important for salespeople to understand their clients’ needs and wants. Once they’re able to do this, they’re likely to establish a solid relationship with their customer. This can pave the way for greater opportunities and wider exposure in your career path. But this knowledge only comes when you’re persistent and you continue to analyze what your client wants. Figuring this out can be the tough part. However, if you give up and quit, you won’t be able to build a relationship with them. For clients, salespeople who deeply understand them are very important. There’s a good chance that once you’ve established this level of trust, you won’t be replaced by somebody else.  

You Become More Disciplined  

The sales department requires patience and discipline. A significant number of salespeople react negatively to changes and irregularities. This often leads to failure and redundancy. In sales, nothing is constant. Except for inconsistency. Hence, it’s important that you maintain persistence and become more adaptable instead of getting discouraged. This trait also ensures that you don’t quit at the slightest change and instead continue doing what you’re doing despite anything that’s thrown your way.

Moreover, disciplined salespeople are likely to get a higher number of clients. This is because they’re dependable and clients can count on them for their variety of needs and wants 

It’s Easier to Get Over Rejection 

Who will recover quicker from rejection? Somebody who’s never been rejected or somebody who gets rejected on a daily basis? This is how sales work too. When you’re persistent, you understand the process better too. This means that you realize that salespeople have to go through a high volume of rejections and setbacks before they can secure clients or sales. When you become used to such a pattern, it’s easier to accept rejection instead of taking it personally. Most salespeople quit instantly because of rejection.

This makes them disillusioned and demotivated. However, when you’re persistent you become better at absorbing this. In fact, it becomes a part of your career. Therefore, there are higher chances of you being more flexible and resilient.  


Targeting customers isn’t easy. They’re unpredictable, unreliable, and hard to decipher. But if you want to keep a career in sales, stay away from toxic work environment. Not only this, you’ll need to be consistent in your persistence. This means that while everybody around you will be leaving, you’ll need to push through. This will pay in the long run by helping you build a stronger relationship with your clients. You will also learn to be more flexible, disciplined, realistic, and practical in your professional approach.  

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