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Reasons For a Leaking Toilet at The Base: 4 Ways to Prevent It 


Using a toilet with leaking water around the base might be unpleasant, and walking barefoot in leaking water is never pleasurable, especially if it’s first thing in the morning. Fixing most leaks is straightforward and rarely requires the services of a plumber. The majority of repairs are inexpensive, and you can complete them within half an hour. However, you might need professional assistance if the top of the sewage pipe is broken or cracked or if the closet flange needs to be built on a concrete floor. 

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Reasons why toilet leaks at the base 

  1. The tee bolts are loose. 

The toilet is held to the ground by two bolts called tee bolts. Since a cap generally covers them, you may not be able to see them directly. These bolts tighten the seal between the bottom part of the toilet and the wax seal. Carefully remove the cap and look for any loose bolts. The toilet will likely rumble if these bolts loosen, causing the wax ring seal to break. If your tee bolts are very loose, drain water may flow out of the base every time you flush the toilet.

  1. The wax ring needs replacement. 

If you have already tightened the bolts and still have a leak when flushing, the next logical suspect is the wax seal ring. If the wax ring has been worn down over time and is no longer pliable, it will allow water to seep through the base. In such a case, the wax seal ring needs a replacement. 

  1. Check for condensation

The water in a toilet tank and bowl, as well as the porcelain, is usually cold. Humidity causes water to drip down from the porcelain on the bowl, and you’ll notice water pooling at the base of your toilet. If you find the source of the leak, then you can gather the tools you need to fix the toilet. 

  1. Leaking pipes

A loose water supply line will cause the water to leak continuously from the base of your toilet. When the leak occurs without having to flush, it may be due to the pipes. Using your hand, feel along the pipes, paying close attention to any joins where water may be leaking. Be sure that the nut and rubber seal between the supply line and the tank is tight.

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Ways to prevent your toilet from leaking around the base

  1. Fix any leaks right away 

Please do not wait until a toilet leak gets out of control before fixing it. Regularly maintain your toilet to prevent chronic leaks, and it will also save you money on your water bill in the long run if you fix the toilet leak as soon as possible. 

  1. Avoid flushing other items in the toilet. 

Flushing items like diapers, q-tips, paper towels, and tissues can cause major plumbing problems and clogs. Since they don’t break down like toilet paper, they can cause clogged pipes. A clogged pipe can cause more than just a minor leak at the base of your toilet.

  1. Inspect your toilet components every six months.

You should check your toilet components about twice a year to avoid a leak when you least expect it. If you take this proactive approach, you can solve minor toilet problems before they become big ones.

  1. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners in a toilet.

It will help if you do not clean toilets with chemical drain cleaners because they tend to be harsh and abrasive. As toilets have a distinct internal configuration, they are ineffective when used on them. As a result of this chemical reaction, they generate heat that can crack the toilet’s porcelain or soften the PVC pipes. Liquid drain cleaners are used on kitchen and toilet sinks, shower and floor drains, and tub drains.

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