Portable radios were initially designed for military use only. They were the means they used to communicate, quickly, efficiently and reliably at close range. But today these have spread to other areas, for example, the use of radios for schools is becoming more and more common.

 For years, portable transmission and reception radios have served as the ideal means of communication in the different security agencies worldwide, as well as keeping those involved in a construction site in direct contact. 

Why is it important to use radios in schools? 

Why it is important to use radios in schools They guarantee efficient communication within the school.

Perhaps the most novel area is education. An area where timely and effective communication is critical in order to ensure a safe environment for students and staff.

Radios for schools are an excellent option to connect security personnel, teachers, maintenance, administrative or managerial staff of an institution, radios guarantee efficient communication within the school, since with a single call it is possible to transmit a message to the entire group of collaborators, whether it is an alarm signal, the start of an activity, coordinating a parade, etc.

 The main objective is to guarantee an immediate response to any emergency situation within the school premises.

In general, these are quite accessible portable devices, that is, in an educational institution several radios can be purchased to be distributed among its teaching, administrative, maintenance and security personnel.

Acquiring radios for schools is the best way to prioritize security, which will undoubtedly represent an added value for any institution.

 Having radios in the school means being able to have effective communication and solve any alert situation in real time within the classrooms or in the environment close to the institution. 

What is the best radio option for schools?

 If you need to have a reliable and effective means of communication in your institution, we recommend the TK 3000 school radio.

It’s a smart communication solution, plus it’s a portable device that fits right into today’s educational budgets. 

The TK 3000 radio is backed by Kenwood, a leading brand in the field, meaning if you purchase this radio for your school you will have a great value for money radio. 

But in addition, it is a fairly easy equipment to operate, your staff will have no problems with this radio in their hands. It has an ergonomic design and its performance is unique, ideal for immediate communications. 

The way to manage the TK 3000 radio is quite friendly, it has a Scan function and 16 channels to which DQT and QT tones can be assigned to suppress unwanted communications. It is a fairly light equipment so that your administrative and teaching staff can carry it without problems in a pocket or in their bags, going completely unnoticed. 

It also has a side key where you can activate a maximum of 2 functions as required. When it comes to radios for schools, institutions prefer the TK 3000 because, in addition to being efficient and reliable, it is robust and resistant. It is designed to withstand falls and to work in any environment, being resistant to humidity.

Some technical characteristics of this laptop below:

> The radio operates on 5Watts power on VHF and 4Watts power on UHF. 

>Includes battery saver and LED indicator light with three available colors. 

>It also has TOT transmission timer. 

>Alerts you if the battery is low. 

>12.5Khz or 25Khz is the channel width it operates under. 

Includes a KNB-65L battery and its KSC-35SK charger, the antenna and a retaining clip. 

In conclusion, safety in schools must be a priority. It is not enough just to have a human team that is in charge of guaranteeing the integrity of students and staff, you can add value to such an important aspect by acquiring radios for schools.

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