Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch

Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch

Introduction to Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, consider the Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch. This phone has features and a large screen, making it ideal for those who want a powerful device.

The Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch is available in two models: the Standard and the Pro. The Standard model has a 5.5-inch display, while the Pro model has a 6-inch display. Both models have a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Standard model comes with 4GB of RAM, while the Pro model comes with 6GB of RAM. Both models have 64GB of internal storage, which can expand via microSD card.

In terms of camera, the Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch features a 12-megapixel rear camera with f/1.7 aperture and dual LED flash. It also has an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with f/2.0 aperture for selfies and video calls.

The Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch runs on Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box and is backed by a 3200mAh battery. It supports 4G LTE and comes with all the standard connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB Type-C port

What is 10m series capital?

The 10m series capital is a venture capital institutional investors typically provide to startup companies. This financing is typically used to help the company grow and expand its operations. The 10m series capital can be used for various purposes, such as funding research and development, marketing, or expanding the company’s workforce.

Butchertech’s investment in Prosapient 10m series Capitalbutchertechcrunch

Butchertech, a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for the food industry, has invested $10 million in Prosapient, a startup that is developing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based solutions to help slaughtered animals avoid pain and suffering.

This investment will help Prosapient accelerate the development of its technology and bring it to market faster. It also underscores Butchertech’s commitment to improving animal welfare in the food industry.

Prosapient was founded in 2017 by two former Google employees, Alex Safonov and Nick Swenson. The company’s goal is to use AI and machine learning to make slaughterhouses more humane.

The Prosapient team has developed a camera system that can identify individual animals and track their movements. The system uses this information to calculate the most efficient way to kill each animal. This minimizes the time each animal spends in the slaughterhouse, reducing stress and pain.

The system is being trialled at several slaughterhouses in Europe and North America. If the trials are successful, Prosapient planned to launch its technology commercially in 2019.

The implications of this investment

There are a few key implications of this investment. First, it validates the pro-sapient view that technology can and will be used to enhance human abilities. Second, it provides significant resources to a company at the forefront of this emerging market. Finally, it signals to other investors that pro-sapient startups are worth paying attention to.

This investment is a big vote of confidence in the pro-sapient movement. For years, proponents of this view have argued that we can use technology to make humans smarter, faster, and more able to process vast amounts of information. This investment gives those companies working on pro-sapient technologies a boost of legitimacy and funding they need to continue their work.

This investment will likely bring more attention from other investors to pro-sapient startups. As more money flows into these companies, they will be better able to develop their technologies and bring them to market. This could finally give the pro-sapient movement the mainstream traction it needs to take off.


Capitalbutchertechcrunch is one of the world’s most popular and well-known pro-sapient companies. They have a long history of providing top-quality products and services to their customers, and they continue to innovate and evolve with the times. If you’re looking for a company that you can trust to provide the best possible pro-sapient technology, Capitalbutchertechcrunch is worth considering.

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