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Shine In The Market With On Demand Business App Like Gojek


Multi-Service App Like Gojek is the reason why the On-Demand Service Industry has burgeoned into a multi-billion US Dollar Commercially Successful Enterprise. This App is soaked in Profits because it is literally every Entrepreneur’s money-making machine. Gojek Clone App offers diverse genres of 82+ Services on a single platform where the User has to log in once.


Taxi Booking, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Parcel Delivery to a single destination or three different locations, Food Delivery, hiring a dependable and genuine Personal Shopper to run errands for your App’s Users. Instant Medicine Delivery from the nearest Pharmacy, Stationery Delivery at the Users’ Doorstep, availing Mobile Car Wash Service, Masseuse, Electricians, Carpenters, Helpers, Maids, and Mechanic, scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Lawyer, Physiotherapist and Beauticians’ on-demand. These are just the bread crumbs, this phenomenal App has more to offer. 


It is this factor that makes this App irresistible! The Service Providers are obligated to pay a certain percentage of the revenue generated via rendering services using this App as Commission to the App Owner. And it is the App Owner that decides the Commission Rates of Services based on the genre it belongs to. 

There’s another Business Model in Town – Subscription Plans!

The App Owner designs and curates Subscription Plans with varying Validity Periods that come with specific Expiry Dates. These plans are for a month, two months, three months, half-yearly and annually. Once a Service Provider buys a Plan with a one-time payment, then one can kiss goodbye to paying Commissions per order to the App Owner. The Service Provider now enjoys the liberty to offer unlimited service sessions without being weighed down by the Commission cuts. 


OTP Verification to Start the Task

Before a Service Provider is allowed to accept Service Requests and Start the Task, a Numeric OTP is generated and is then sent to the Registered Mobile Number and Email ID of the Service Provider. Once Four-Digit OTP is punched in, the Service Provider can go ahead and Start the Task.

It definitely adds another layer of security!

This Procedure is mandatory for diverse On-Demand Services such as Taxi and Moto Ride Booking, Food and Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Mobile Car Wash, Masseuse and Beauticians, Handyman Services such as Carpenter, Electrician, Maid, Helper and Mechanic. Add to this list Sanitization Services in lieu of the ongoing Catastrophic Covid-19 induced Pandemic!

Geographical Status on Google Maps with Real-Time Tracking

The User will get Live-Tracking Details of the Ride Requested, Food and Grocery ordered online with the Same Day Delivery Coupon, Courier or Parcel Delivery via the In-App Push Notifications. This feature is a Godsend blessing because now the User no longer has to live in anxiety anticipating. When the Delivery will be attempted and how much time it will take.

This has increased the credibility of this App by making it a Transparent Procedure! 

Users are now sent Service Updates through the In-App Push Notifications in the form of illustrative graphical icons. These notifications will be on the lines of Trip Started, Delivery on the Way, Trip Ended. Delivery Executive has reached the Restaurant and is currently waiting for the Order. These In-App Push Notifications come in handy for services like Taxi Rides, Parcel Delivery, Car Wash, Beauticians, Food and Grocery Orders and Delivery Genie – a reliable personal shopper who’d run errands for the App User.

Search Icon right on the Top of the App Users’ Smart-Phone Screen 

It becomes one time-consuming and at times frustrating process to locate the Service of your choice. While browsing through the entire 82+ list of the Services on the Users’ Smartphone. That is why a Search Item Name Icon has been developed which is at the very top of the screen. Wherein the User has punched in the Service Name and that category would pop up right in front of the User!


Powerful Gojek like App will help you shine like Diamond in the On-Demand Service Industry right from the very start. But for this to happen, you have to first shortlist a legit White-Labelling Firm with Global Repute. Who has a working experience of about 5-8 years in the Industry like OnDemandClone. Launch App like Gojek with OnDemandClone in 7 days and start raking in Profits from Day 1 of the launch. How come? The purest pearl lies in the profit-centric business model of the App that makes it so enticing and captivating.

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