Newborn Baby Odor – Why Do Babies Smell So Good?

If you’re close to the baby, do you have the desire to smell a rose? Do you not feel like the scent of milk is akin to that in babies? Don’t worry if the answer is a definite yes. There is no one else in the majority of people who want to do it. What is the thing about babies that make us want to smell the air throughout the day? We just can’t resist the urge to smell their sweet scent. Does it have to be us or is it something else in the air? We’ve gathered all the facts to help you answer your questions about the smell of a newborn baby.

Why Do Newborns Smell So Good?

You would likely like to know the reason behind the newborn smell that is only present for the first few weeks. There is no definitive answer to this question, but there is a popular theory that explains the cause of the distinctive smell that newborns emit. Anyone who has witnessed a birth can inform us that giving birth to a child can be quite messy. Newborns are born after months of floating in amniotic fluid completely covered in the white, waxy substance called the vernix caseosa. There is a lack of consensus on whether these fluids and substances trigger the smell of the baby’s newborn. This could be the reason the scent that is unique to newborns is only present for just a few weeks. A recent study has compared the amniotic fluid smell with the scent of a newborn’s head. The results showed that even though some elements were similar, the scent of the newborn baby contained more chemical components and was completely distinct.

Whatever the reason for infant scent, we can tell absolutely that a newborn baby’s smell can be as effective as a marker for identification. In fact, in a rather recent study, 90% of mothers who had just given birth could recognize their infants’ scents after spending anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour playing with the new baby!

What Causes the Baby Scent?

Baby smells naturally good. What is the reason behind the lovely scent of the newborn baby? As we’ve said before there is no consensus. Many theories are not the standard theory, that says that amniotic fluid (in which the infant floats during the time it is in the mother’s womb) is the main reason behind their sweet smell. Let’s look at all the theories possibilities.

One theory from George Preti, an analytical scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia proposes that the sweet aroma of newborns is due to the released chemicals from the newborn’s sweat glands. Because this scent is only for a couple of weeks, it is also influenced by the baby’s metabolism which changes once babies start eating and drinking taking food and do not receive any food or nutrition via the cord that connects them by their mothers.

Another theory is that the smell originates from the whitish sticky substance (vernix caseosa) which covers the skin of a baby who has just entered through the birth canal to the outside world. Preti adds that the substance is eliminated quickly, however, the smell may remain in the skin which is why babies have different scents.

Many also believe that this scent could be part of nature’s clever scheme to help us be captivated by the completely dependent and naive adorable creatures. According to Preti, this scent allows mothers to understand and connect with their children. Further research shows that when mothers inhale their scent infant child the pleasure centre in their brain gets activated.

What If My New child Child Would not Scent So Good?

It’s common knowledge that babies smell nice when they are born. Sometimes, however, you might be tempted to take a sniff of your baby but then realize that your baby’s scent isn’t like the way you imagined. If you notice that your baby’s scent doesn’t smell as nice it used to, you must spend some time and figure out the reason behind it in order to get your beautiful smelly baby back as quickly as you can. Possible causes for unattractive scents of your baby could be:


Infants born today are likely to pee frequently and, while it is true that the scent of newborn urine isn’t unpleasant, it could create a sour smell. The solution is the need for changing the diaper. Along with changing diapers, you must ensure that you get rid of the diaper correctly. Another tip is that newborns tend to blow out the poop of a different level and all the way up their back. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see that poop all the way to the back of an infant or even down their hair. These blowout poops could require a bathroom and changing diapers. They may also require the use of a bath (and loads of laundry!) along with a changing of the diaper.

Milk or Formula Residue

It is a constant flow of milk that drips out of the sides of your baby’s mouth during feedings, and spill-ups are common after the baby has been fed. Sometimes, you might get a whiff of a sour smell. Even after wiping your baby constantly after feedings drips, they can collect on their necks and bodies. The answer to this is to take a bath. Be sure to give babies sponge baths up to the point that they reach the age where their umbilical cord is snagged.

Introducing Solids

When you start to introduce solid foods to your baby at near six months old the poop of your infant will smell different than it did in the past. It is possible that your baby has more the amount of poop and different colours, based on the food they are fed. The solution is to change the diaper of your child immediately each time they vomit.

It’s not unusual in being enthralled by the smell of your newborn baby. As your baby gets older, you might be tempted to miss your baby’s scent and wish that you’d put it away somewhere that is safe. The only suggestion we can give is to cherish these times with your baby to the fullest extent you can.

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