Must-have Features of eCommerce Website in 2022: A Comprehensive List

The success of an eCommerce business entirely depends upon its website which serves as the most valuable asset for the business. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to design and develop your e-commerce website in the best possible way adorned with all the salient features of eCommerce to optimize and maximize your business profits.

So, let’s learn about the list of key features for an eCommerce website for making it a successful one.

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List of Features for Ecommerce Website

  1. User-friendly Interface 
  2. Mobile-friendly Ecommerce website
  3. High-Resolution Visual Content
  4. User-generated Reviews
  5. Special Offers
  • User-friendly Interface 

According to a recent survey, 76% of consumers value ease of use as one of the most crucial ecommerce website features.

The ultimate objective of an ecommerce website is to attract the maximum number of potential customers and compel them for a positive buying decision. Thus, it is very important to focus on creating a user-friendly interface as one of the major salient features of e-commerce websites to offer a competitive edge.

The key to creating a user-friendly e-commerce website is to provide a better user experience to the customers by facilitating the online buying process through the least number of steps.

Tips to enhance a user-friendly interface for an e-commerce website are as follows:

  • Focus on improving the search functionalities with an autocomplete option.
  • Try creating effective visual navigation.
  • Focus on pre-populated forms
  • Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Website

According to the studies out of the total time spent on the internet, around 48% of time is spent via mobiles. Moreover, 50% of online transactions are done through mobile accounts, thus emphasizing the need to have a mobile-responsive website for your e-commerce business as the need of the hour.

One of the most important features of an e-commerce website in today’s times is to have an e-commerce website that is mobile-friendly as well to cater to the towering number of mobile users. A mobile-responsive e-commerce website has huge potential in terms of increasing the customer base as well resulting in increasing the sales figures for achieving higher profits.

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  • High-Resolution Visual Content

Another key feature of an ecommerce website is to include high-resolution visual content in the form of photos and videos for enhancing the product features for propelling a positive purchase decision of the target consumer.

Therefore, it is immensely significant for an ecommerce website to display multiple photos of its products shot from different angles and supporting product review videos to provide a better view of its products to facilitate the buying decision to increase the sales.

  • User-Generated Reviews

The majority of the consumers with a towering figure of about 95%  depend a lot on the previous product reviews to make the final buying decision. Moreover, they rely heavily on the star ratings of the products before buying anything online.

Positive product reviews influence other customers’ buying decisions and also help in improving the trust and credibility of your e-commerce website as well. 

Thus, it is significant to incorporate customer or user review sections as an important key feature of an e-commerce website to connect better with the audience. 

  • Special Offers

Displaying special offers and discounts on your website also serve as one of the most critical features of an e-commerce website to attract more customers leading to higher sales revenues.

Having an exclusive page dedicated entirely to the special discount offers with a prominent display list compels the target customers to make an easy and quick purchase decision.

Integrating this e-commerce feature not only boosts sales but also helps in improving SEO rankings. 

Final Takeaways 

The success of any e-commerce website is highly dependent on its website. Therefore, it is very critical to incorporate and highlight the salient features of an e-commerce website to help improve its sales.

Hope this blog was insightful enough and would serve as a source of information while planning and designing an e-commerce website for your online business.