Metaverse Schools- The  Future of Virtual Education

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Metaverse Schools – Metaverse this! Metaverse that! And Metaverse whatnot. If you haven’t yet seen the metaverse hype, then you should grab on to a VR headset now to clearly witness the future of content and the internet. Because metaverse is far from being just a fad, It is here, The power of web 3.0 is unleashed.

Metaverse in Education

If you have been following the metaverse space, you must have heard quite a few intriguing use cases of the metaverse in education. Events being hosted like the Justin Beiber or the Snoop Dogg concert, People playing immersive and interactive games, and the most awestrucking one for me was when people took up the metaverse for dating and even marrying.

The scope and possibilities of the metaverse are infinite. One of the best and most promising one is the amalgamation of the two worlds- Education and the Metaverse.

The association allows a whole new perspective on how education is perceived and practiced for this long. So it challenges the shortcoming of traditional educational practices- be it being bound to a single institution or being limited by a predecided course format. It precedes the geographical limitations and carves the path to limitless learning.

How it is different from the current virtual education setup

Undoubtedly, virtual education is not something new. And there are a lot of platforms that allow you to access courses from anywhere and anytime. So, you must be wondering what’s an addon with an education metaverse.

The engagement factor has always been a concern in virtual education for starters. This issue is addressed in a metaverse school. With your live avatars walking to the library or your metaverse schools, you will feel like you are there. With a click, you can enable your mic and engage with peers and instructors around the globe. Learn from them, and interact with them all in real-time. It is exactly like being a part of a game. Gamification in learning enhances the overall learner experience. It gets more interactive and makes learning addictive.

Secondly, Learn through immersive 3-D modules. Most of the virtual learning today is basically a tutor talking to you while scribbling on their blackboard. In a metaverse school, you will be living your lessons. Imagine being there witnessing the Shakespeare drama live or sitting in a heart while you learn about its mechanism, Render it a possibility with an education metaverse

Democratized and Decentralized learning

Thirdly, Democratized and Decentralized learning- Learn from anyone you aspire to. Being bound to any institution or any course format is unjust. What if you want to learn maths from a particular course offering and statistics from another. In the present education order that is not a possibility. With an Educational Metaverse, the power is not concentrated in the hands of a few it is distributed among all the stakeholders involved.

Lastly, Incentivising opportunities and Blockchain Technology – Earning while studying is not something that is offered by the current education system. Therefore metaverse schools like Edverse bring in a new world order where you can leverage the power of learn to earn, teach to earn, and a lot more. Apart from it, the association of blockchain technology will ensure all tokens, NFTs, and certification records are secured.

What to expect from metaverse school as an Educator

If you are an educator and probably wondering how this shift will affect you, then let me assure you that Education in Metaverse is probably the best thing that happened as it opens a wide range of opportunities and adds a lot of excitement to the teaching landscape.

Metaverse in education

In Edverse as an educator, you get to partake in new-age learning by launching your courses, teaching in virtually built institutions, and personalizing and gamifying your course offering. You can also engage in a lot more incentivizing opportunities like launching and selling your ED -NFTs, practice and assessment modules, and so much more.

As an Edverse Educator, You will get to teach a batch of learners who defy unconventional boundaries of education and swear only to limitless learning.

What to expect from metaverse school as a Learner

As a learner, Metaverse schools open doors to a cosmo of opportunities. It has given rise to a time when you can overcome all the constraints of traditional education and embrace the power of a decentralized and democratized way of learning. Concepts are deeply explored through immersive and explorative modules and are not bound by any geographical wall.

metaverse learning

With Edverse as a learner, you can access courses while you earn with our incentivizing opportunities. Edverse is being built on blockchain technology which enables all your achievements, records, certification, tokens to be stored securely and safely

How is Edverse building the future of Virtual Education?

Edverse is incubating the future of education by building the world’s most immersive, insightful, and interactive metaverse ever. It focuses on each critical stakeholder of the education landscape: Learners, Educators, Creators, and Promoters.

The platform is built on blockchain technology, allowing the metaverse development company to undertake incremental, community-authorized changes to enhance this digital space. Education delivery is actuated through ed-NFTs. The platform invites creators across the globe to create and sell ed- Nfts, make gamified learner journeys, and enhance the learner’s experience. At the same time, it allows promoters to own land and build up highly advanced and immersive learning education institutes and centers. The platform aims to create a new world order where education is defined as democratized and decentralized.

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