Making Your Office Desk a Productive Place

Offices can be engaging, productive, and comfortable places that feel like sitting at a personal home computer – it just takes the right technology and software. Expanding your set-up in a workplace needs tech that is portable, removable, and doesn’t have storage that is being taken on and off-site (for security reasons). This guide will narrowdown what elements of your office set-up can be improved, and how.

  1. A Pair of Open-Back Headphones

A simple piece of technology that will elevate your desk experience to a different level. Being able to focus on your work, hear what you want to hear, and still be connected to the office space itself is the combination that makes open-back headphones ideal. They’re easy to take to and from the workplace and will be practical in every other situation you need headphones, meaning you don’t use that money on equipment that’s just for your workspace.

  1. A Portable Monitor

Computer systems at workplaces can be dated or impersonal, and rarely have two-monitor set-ups. A portable monitor allows you to bring in the extra screen easily, plug it into your phone or your work PC, and have that extra space to work with. The freedom of two monitors is ideal for work that uses multiple types of documents, or simply for displaying utilities, like calendars and clocks. Far cheaper than a laptop or tablet itself, you can find Portable Monitors at

  1. Desk Mats/Holders

Desk mats or holders can add colour, verticality and organization to an otherwise bland desk. Companies like MOFT supply adjustable inclined mats that hold laptops, phones, papers, pens, and more. Having that tactile and 3D element on your desk is vital for keeping engaged and feeling like you own the space, while also freeing up drawer space.

  1. Solar Power Banks

With the recent uproar over the use of company electricity to charge employee phones, it is a good idea to keep your devices safely charged. By having a solar pack that lives on a sunny spot on your desk or by a window, you can ensure you have recharges available at work without needing cables and an outlet.

  1. Desk Cable Clips

With all this technology around, there will be cables, and having to rest them across corners or other devices to make them stay in place is distracting and disorganized. By getting a set of cable clips (especially something custom like this cutie), you can ensure you keep your devices safe from tugging while sprucing up your desk with some colour and décor while you’re at it.

  1. A Desk Smart Light

There are multiple brands of smart-light emerging, with huge colour ranges and a variety of methods of control they are perfect for desks. Being able to dim or brighten them is practical in itself, but the colours can be engaging too. You can even use the smartlamp to signal why you’re away from your desk with different colours of light.