Making the Most of a Dual-Monitor Setup

If you’re thinking of boosting productivity, consider having a dual-screen setup. Working from a single monitor with tons of applications and browsers can easily make you lose focus. With a dual monitor setup, you can comfortably use different applications simultaneously.

It is now proven that having a dual-screen setup boosts productivity by up to 40 percent. This is according to studies by Wichita and Utah state universities. They concluded that workers took less time to finish tasks when working with dual screens. Here are a few reasons why having a dual monitor setup will boost your productivity.

Reduce Switchtasking Time

When using a single screen, you constantly switch through apps all day. A lot of time is lost while switching tasks, reducing your productivity levels. If you are working on a document and you constantly need to refer to a different browser, you’ll need to switch back and forth. 

Avoid the constant distraction when switching between tasks as it saps your energy. The need to constantly refocus your attention on the task you were working on lowers your productivity. Having two screens gives you more space to keep certain apps open, like your email or browser. You’ll easily be able to compare and reference data without wasting precious time. 

Make Fewer Errors

Going back and forth from one browser window to another while working on a word document on a single screen can be stressful. The margin of error is also increased because it is easy to forget what you’re working on. Studies show that a dual-screen setup reduces the possibility of errors by 20 percent. 

If you’re working on a project requiring constant data input, mistakes can bring a huge mess. To avoid this, add another screen to your setup to make things easier for you and your organization. It will also allow you to be quicker and more precise without losing focus when switching between tasks.

Enhance the Virtual Meetings Experience

Having a virtual meeting while taking notes can be confusing and can be prone to mistakes. Awkward moments will be minimized, such as accidentally closing your zoom browser. Having one screen for the meeting and another for taking notes enhances your experience and saves you a myriad of mistakes.

You can easily find things on your computer while the meeting is on without any rush or risks. You’ll be able to track the presenters, look at their chats, and organize content according to how you need it. You’ll also comfortably run different programs on your computer while the virtual meeting is ongoing, enabling a smooth workflow.

Better for Teamwork

Collaboration with your team is much easier when using multiple screens. On one screen, you can communicate with your team while working on your project on the other. You’ll always know what’s going on with colleagues at work. You will be more attentive to matters at hand and won’t have to go to the trouble of switching from one browser window to another.

You‘ll communicate better with your colleagues and keep track of progress without interruptions. Data sharing will also be easier because you won’t have to switch from one window to another. Multiple screens make it easier to switch between instructions, decreasing the chances of error while enhancing collaboration.

Helps Maintain Focus

You should have multiple screens if you’re working on a project requiring high concentration levels. Switching back and forth is counterproductive as you can easily forget what you’re doing. The fewer the clicks, the faster your workflow will be, thereby boosting productivity. As a social media manager, you’ll need multiple screens to monitor engagement for each account.

A computer programmer will find it easier to check on something on one screen while coding on the other. These professions can be highly demanding; therefore, having more than one screen makes it easier to focus on your tasks. Go for bigger and wider screens because they’re visually better, and you can easily work on different tabs. And when there is a need for quality computer repair services, you can always find one that’ll help restore your initial setup.

Accessorize With Dual Monitors

A dual monitor setup makes working easier and helps you concentrate your energies on the main tasks. You can run a virtual meeting on one screen while running programs and taking notes on the other. Collaboration with your team becomes better and more effective. Find good computer repair services from your neighborhood and make your work easier with more monitors. 


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