Making Sales Pitches to Wholesalers

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You need to sell your product. Wholesalers play a vital role in the supply chain; they sell and distribute your product to other businesses. If you need a wholesaler to get your product into consumers’ hands, you need to create a sales pitch that will get the wholesaler’s attention. To find the right wholesaler in Canada, use one of the greatest tools available: A wholesale directory for Canada.

Wholesale directories from Scott’s Info contain contact information and other relevant information about potential leads. A wholesale directory for Canada will enhance your marketing plan and free up some time by allowing you to get ahead of the game. The better prepared you are before your pitch, the better your chances of making sales and earning profits. The first step to marketing your product is by finding the right companies to pitch to. 

Once you have found the wholesaler you want in the wholesale directory for Canada, you can create your sales pitch. Your sales pitch should detail what your product is, what it does, and how much it costs to produce. This will help the wholesaler sell your product to retail establishments, getting your product to the consumers with ease.

How do you create a sales pitch for wholesalers? Follow the steps below!

1. Introduce Yourself

The first thing you should do in your pitch is introduce yourself. You can be very brief at the beginning by providing your name and your company name. You can save your experience and background until after you’ve introduced your product.

2. Introduce Your Product

After your introduction, you should introduce your product. Your product is the reason you’re there, after all. The wholesaler should know right off the bat what your product is and what solutions it can solve for consumers. You should also explain why your product is a good fit for your wholesaler, like how it ties into their brand. A distributor directory is a good way to find out what brands the wholesaler has sold. This will help you determine if they’re the right wholesaler for you. A wholesale directory for Canada can also tell you information about a wholesaler’s sales.

3. The Big Why

After you introduce your product, you should briefly explain why you created your product. What problem did you come across that led you to create the product? Does your product solve a problem for your distributor? What education and experience do you have that allowed you to create the product? You should try to be brief for the sake of time, but be sure you include the most important details. Information you can mention is where you went to college and any degrees or certifications you’ve earned. You can also mention businesses you’ve previously worked for that gave you the experience to create your product.

4. Crunch the Numbers

One key aspect of a great sales pitch is knowing your numbers. If you go into your sales pitch without knowing how much your product costs, you may not land the sale. You should know the price of each item that goes into your product in order to get an accurate wholesale price. 

Wholesale prices are anywhere from 3.0 – 5.0 markup, so if your product costs $1.00 to produce, it would have a wholesale price of $3.00 to $5.00. Wholesalers then approach a retailer, and the retailer will use a 3.0 – 5.0 markup to determine the retail price. 

If you crunch your numbers ahead of time, you can include them in your sales pitch, which will entice the wholesaler to listen closely.

5. Explain Your Current Distribution

Wholesalers want to know where you are currently selling your product. If you are selling through other wholesalers, you should mention that during your pitch. You should also mention any retailers your product is sold through and if it is sold online. This will help the wholesaler determine what they would price your product at.

6. Summarize Your Pitch

Once you have finished your pitch, end it with a brief summary of your product and where you would like it to be sold. Invite the wholesaler to ask questions, if they didn’t have any during the pitch, and open the floor for discussion. This will either make or break your sale.

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