Label Printing: 5 Clever Ways to Cut Down Expenses

It’s always been a heated debate amongst small businesses, like label printing, to cut down extra costs and make more money. Because businesses worry if it’s going to reflect on the quality of the product. And honestly, it could if you pick the wrong ways of cost reduction. There are many smart ways of cutting down expenses while maintaining quality. However, very few could unlock those secrets, especially if you are inexperienced. 

Do you have a small-scale label printing business?

Here are some of the clever ways of reducing the operating expenses of your label printing business. 

  1. Reduce label size

Reduce the number of rolls required if you want to save money on printing your personalised labels. But make sure it is a reasonable adjustment. Whittling away too much can not be good. 

So, simply lower the label size to accommodate more labels on a single roll. When there are fewer rolls to print, it requires less labour, and you do not need to pay as much as before. 

It efficiently reduces the overall cost of printing. Scaled reductions of 5-20% (width x length) can add considerable savings for bulk orders over one year. 

  1. Go for Blanket Orders

A blanket order is a purchase order in which both the manufacturer and the consumer agree to a long-term order at a set price. The order will also have a set quantity and/or duration. Blanket orders are so important for a business’s success. 

Every business owner knows that the price of raw materials needed to produce labels may change at any time, which may affect the final prices. Such abrupt adjustments will not affect you if you place a blanket order because the price is already fixed. So, your income remains the same no matter what. 

  1. Digital printing

When printing smaller numbers of labels, digital printing is the most cost-effective option. Digital printing, as opposed to flexographic printing, does not require printing plates and has a reduced setup cost. 

Due to their always-on runtime pattern, analogue printing machines squandered vast amounts of power. On the other hand, modern presses utilise smart adaption technology to turn off or idle particular sections of the press when not printing. This consequently saves ample energy and money. 

Digital printing presses are extremely versatile. These can handle a broader range of designs, styles, and material choices. This might assist you in avoiding purchasing too many niche technologies.

  1. Cut down the gauge 

Guage means thickness. The ‘film,’ for example, is a type of low gauge material, and because of its thin lining, it is less expensive than other label materials. There’s a wide range of label materials available, from paper to plastic. The thicker the label material, the higher the expense. 

Furthermore, more of these materials may be wrapped in a roll. As a result, your application expenses might be reduced. You do not need to replace the roll frequently when putting labels.

  1. Consider the product needs

One size doesn’t fit all. One method doesn’t suit all products. This is lesson 101 in marketing and business. 

When you adopt one standardised approach to produce all labels and packaging, you may be wasting substrate, ink, and money. This leads to unnecessary expenditure on products that don’t require fancy presentations to entice buyers. Overdoing it is a common cause of the surge in expenses in label printing

For those times, investing in small-scale, rapid, low-cost machines such as thermal printers can save a lot of money in the long term. Plus, this is sufficient for tier 2 labels like receipts or bar codes. You may even reduce the size for smaller products and choose less expensive varieties of ‘unfinished’ paper to save even more money.

To make up your mind regarding this, you should consider the customer’s needs and the product’s purpose and design. Once you understand them, you’ll know which way to go. 

There you have it. 

This is how successful label printing businesses deal with their expenses. Here’s a bonus tip. 


Planning is crucial in every business, including label printing. The business owner should be on top of the operations of his business and make the right decisions when needed. One also needs to be on the lookout for deals that save money. For instance, bulk-buy discounts on label printing medium, ink, and adhesives are available at several substrate and ink retailers. It’s an excellent strategy to save money if you know your demand for the coming year. 

Some vendors may also provide services where they send a predetermined amount of labels on a monthly basis. Things like these could be incredibly beneficial. 

Final say

These are the 5 smart ways to cut down your growing expenditure on packaging label printing. Some of these might seem trivial but remember, every penny counts in business; let it be a roll or ribbon. You’ll see how significant it can be when you add up each penny saved, you can check connect team DAL work for any label printing related issues. 

A good business owner ensures every penny he spends is worth and accounted for. That’s how businesses thrive.

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