Is there any online teaching app for primary school teachers?

primary school teachers

The answer is yes. After the corona pandemic, Online education has become part of students’ life. Online education is a new concept for teachers and students as well. For teachers, it seems a bit difficult to teach over School management software or school management systems. Several online teaching apps for primary school teachers are available to provide ease. Let’s dig into the article to get details about these apps:

Best school management software applications:

  • Teachmint

Teachmint is an application that streamlines the process of teaching by school management software. It is cutting edge compared to other applications because of its convenient use. Sincerely, this is the most acceptable application for transition to online teaching. The platform addresses all the key issues a teacher would have while switching to teaching online, such as pricing, confidentiality, simplicity, privacy, etc. The best part of teachmint is that it is optimised and specially designed for India. 

Key features: 

  • Live classes.
  • Backup recordings of the live classes.
  • Automated admission management.
  • Management of Attendance 
  • Management of Fee
  • Innovative class(interactive whiteboard online) 
  • Evaluation of multiple choice questions and online exams

  • Animoto

Primary children tend to love animation and playful teaching classes. The presentation plus teaching-making apps help in providing them with enjoyable as well as engaging courses. This School management software encourages primary school teachers to deliver lectures online. On this front, Animoto serves a vital role. This school management system can help present pictures, videos, and audio clips. 

Key features:

  • Quality videos available 
  • Accessible customisation features
  • Different font style 
  • Wide range of templates of storyboards, etc. 

  • Educreations

The educreations is a whiteboard application for mobile phones. This software has the best-inbuilt feature for editing videos. It also can share the video on social media with others. For this, students need to enrol and can store the videos. Animations and diagrams provide an aid to this school management software. 

Key Features: 

  • Online cloud sync
  • Sharing of content on social media platforms
  • Video editing
  • Photos and videos import

  • Schoology

Schoology is a school management system that makes this app efficient for primary school teachers. With the help of this app, they can post assignments, workbooks, study materials, and various projects. Student participation is essential to the leadership and skill development of the students. Hence, this app helps in enhancing the interest of the students. 

Key features: 

  • Posting assignments, workbooks, study material, etc.
  • Timetable Calendar
  • Assignment creating tools
  • Project 
  • Other tools for web page

  • Socrative

The socrative app has features of assessment. Assessment is a vital part of education. Education relies on the review of the students. In the case of online education, assessment lags, which may lead to the dysfunction of the teaching-learning process. For keeping teachers updated about the students’ performance, this app can simplify their reports and grades. This program makes lessons enjoyable and allows measuring student participation through intriguing evaluations, quizzes, surveys, etc.

Key features:

  • Assessment
  • Questionnaire 
  • Practice
  • Boosting competition
  • Generation of reports and grades.


They are teaching, expanding their old measure to touching new heights of learning. The teachers and students are becoming active on social media platforms. Online learning is an approach where students can interact with their teachers. Distance learning became popular after the pandemic. These teaching apps make classes interactive, fun learning, and less burden to the primary students. It also boosts their memory and retention power. Overall, the teaching apps can manage school management in a good way as well.

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