How to write perfect resume for teacher in 2022-23?


One of the most noble jobs someone can pursue is that of a teacher. Undoubtedly, a highly sought after, with millions of teachers working hard, to shape the youth of today into becoming the leaders of tomorrow, every single day. 

First, if you plan to apply for a teaching position, thank you for going for such a noble career. Secondly, you’re going to need a resume if you want to follow your dream.  

Writing a Teacher resume can be quite hard; What to mention?  to highlight? What to specify? 

Find out the answers to all these questions and  more in this guide. Additionally, we will go into detail about how to write a resume for a teacher, with examples so that you will be well equipped for the next job you apply for. Consequently, follow this guide and you’ll have a perfect Teacher Resume ready in no time.

Things to include in a Teacher Resume

So, what should you include in your resume to make sure it’s perfect? For that, here are some tips:

1. Start with a strong summary statement.

This is your chance to grab the employer’s attention and let them know why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. Additionally, be sure to focus on your teaching experience and put down any awards you’ve received.

2. List your Teaching experience in reverse chronological order.

Employers want to see your most recent experience first, so be sure to list your jobs from the most recent to earliest. Moreover be sure to include the name of the school, the dates you worked there, and describe your duties on the job.

3. Highlight your skills and accomplishments.

In addition to your teaching experience, be sure to focus on any other skills or ability that would make you a great candidate for the job. For example this could include anything from leading extracurricular activities to working with students with special needs.

4. Use keywords.

When employers review resumes, they often use software that scans for certain key words. So, be sure to include these relevant key words in your resume, such as “classroom management” or “differentiated instruction.”

5. Proof read your resume before sending it off.

Once you’ve finished writing your resume, be sure to proof read it. This is your chance to make a good impression on potential employers, so you want to be sure there are no mistakes.

How to write a Resume for Teachers 

In this section we will go over the parts of a Teacher Resume. In addition to this, we will expand on why they are important and how to show them on a resume.

Start with your Professional Summary

In this section, you should consider your career as a teacher, up to this point. Make sure to be precise with your work and  mention the key abilities you have been able to attain. Additionally, focus the most note worthy of experiences and show your excitement for the job.

Here’s an example of a Professional Summary for a Teacher.

Teacher Professional Summary Example

“Result-oriented, career professional, concentrated on recognizing and meeting training necessities through high-quality programs. Additionally, positive at consulting with colleagues and relating to students of all backgrounds. Organized to apply 5 years of experience to a new and dynamic role.”

This example taken is good because:

  • Shows off your work ethic
  • Includes the number of years you’ve worked without giving away too much detail of your work.
  • Focuses on key elements of the job.
  • Shows the work environment and structure you’re most used to
  •  Additionally, shows a desire to work at the school.

Work History

This part of your Resume is more specific about your body of work. Make sure to list all you have done and achieved with great detail so that employers can get a better idea of your field expertise. Additionally, they can evaluate exactly what you bring to the table. 

Still confused about how to write a resume with a good Work History section? These examples will help:

  • Referred students with suspected learning problems to appropriate support personnel.
  • Assigned lessons, corrected student Worked product, and Reviewed oral presentations.
  • Coordinated class field trips (as required).
  • Took all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect supplies, equipment, materials, and facilities needed to implement the planned instructional program effectively.
  • Strived to establish cooperative relations and makes reasonable effort to communicate with parents/guardians, when appropriate. 

Why are these effective?

  • Detailed and specific about tasks accomplished.
  • Listed as bullet points for easy reading and distinguishing one task from another.
  • Shows your level of productivity and intrusiveness in your work.
  • Shows the impact you’ve had in your career through achievements.

Teacher Resume skills

Skills in your Resume can be separated into two parts, Hard Skills, and Soft Skills. 

Hard Skills are those skills that are specified and needed for day to day operations and are most sought after by recruiters.

Examples of Teacher Resume Hard Skills:

  • Records management
  • Progress reporting
  • Counseling
  • Lesson planning
  • Trained in CPI

On the other hand Soft Skills are more personality based skills that let recruiters know about your attitude towards working and what you excel in.

Examples of Teacher Resume Soft Skills: 

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management skills
  • People skills

How to write a Resume for Teachers with a good Education section

If you’re a Teacher with a good amount work history then there is no need to spend too much time on an education section. More or less, a section for Education name of the institution you graduated from, your degree and year of graduation is sufficient. For Example

“University of South Michigan, B.A. in Education, 2015”

However if your work experience is not sufficient, make up for it by adding your excellence in Education, relevant courses and relative activities. For instance

“University of South Michigan, B.A. in Education, 2021

3.7 GPA

Relative Coursework: 

-Education Management 

-Children Psychology “


If you are trying to go for a specific Teaching Job then you might require a distinct Certification that qualifies you for consideration. However you might ask,“ How to write a resume with a certifications section? Isn’t it included in the Education section?”. The short answer is yes, you can add your certifications into the education section but those certifications could be a make or break deal and Recruiters may miss them if they are listed with Education. On the off chance that happens, you will have missed out on a great opportunity. This is why it is best to create a separate section for Certifications and list them clearly.

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