How To Wear Sequins in Everyday Life?


If earlier girls associated sequins only with cheerful noisy parties, now they have begun to take an active position in ordinary outfits. Perhaps for designers who have introduced sequins into everyday fashion, every day is like a holiday, but what if you have no idea how to wear this element to work, formal meetings, or a walk in the park? has put together some useful tips to help solve this problem.

Almost all of the fair gender missed the moment when the rule to discharge to the nines and ashes at parties has sunk into oblivion. While girls were raving about models’ minidresses, celebrity crystal jumpsuits, and celebrity glitzy capes at the Oscars, designers have slowly begun releasing outfits a few shades quieter. If earlier we only raised an eyebrow skeptically at mom’s advice to wear regular jeans to a party, now our hands are drawn to this particular piece of clothing, despite the abundance of cocktail dresses. 

And although minimalist things with a minimum of decor and defiant elements are actively coming into fashion, sequins and rhinestones have remained in their places. Let not in such large quantities as before, but still, they are in almost every collection. However, they should be worn differently: Complement shiny sweaters and trousers with massive boots and brutal bombers, and combine slip dresses with warm turtlenecks. You should also be sure to heed the following recommendations.

Fundamental rules

Tip 1: Understand the difference between night and daytime shine

What is relevant in the evening, in most cases, is absolutely unacceptable for a daytime publication. That is why it is very important to clearly capture the difference between these two images. For example, at a party, you can easily wear a short dress decorated with a sequin jumpsuit, but at a business meeting, a pencil skirt with a similar decor will already look out of place. Firstly, you will look like a Christmas tree in summer, and secondly, partners are unlikely to appreciate such a defiant outfit.

During the day, it is best to give preference to jeans and a sequined T-shirt, complete with a neutral, laconic vest. As for accessories, in particular bags, the decoration will look best on a handle or accessories, but the main part should be as simple and elegant as possible.

Tip 2: Don’t overdo it

So that your image does not look stupid and tasteless, do not overdo it with rhinestones. It is very important to balance the outfit and harmoniously combine all its details. For example, if you chose a top with rhinestones for a date, then other clothes complemented by such decor will no longer fit. 

The most you can do is to wear a watch or sequined sandals, but nothing more. It is also very important to choose the right shades. For example, instead of gold, which looks too fancy, opt for metallic shades such as bronze, antique gold, or pewter.

Tip 3: Pay attention to color

Color plays a very important role when choosing an outfit. It depends on him how others will perceive you: as a style icon or a school graduate. For example, a Coco Chanel-style little black dress with a sequined top would look perfect at a cocktail party. But a hot pink or purple outfit is a bad choice. Only a young eighteen-year-old girl would look appropriate in it. Older ladies’ risk such an outfit significantly spoils their reputation.

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