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How To Remove Wasp Nest and Avoid Them?


There are several pests that directly or indirectly interfere with human life. Some problems are domestic and can be seen any time of the year, while some are seasonal but directly affect human life. While common pests like flies and mosquitoes fly around even in established and developed cities, some pests are uncommon and less known. Wasps are one of them, and similar ones like yellowjackets and hornets too are nasty. The advancement in the field of science and technology has made immense progression. Now we have various ways to get read of these kinds of issues. To get rid of them, we discuss wasp nest removal in Colchester here. With pests comes pest control services, and North Essex Pest Control is one of them.

About wasps: – 

Wasps can be dangerous if you get very close to their nests. On disturbance, they will come out in numbers and anger and sting the person or pet whoever disturbs them. Some species like mud daubers are so aggressive that they even kill and eat other pests like a spider. However, there are some more domicile species too. 

Yellowjackets, paper wasps, hornets, and mud daubers are more commonly known wasps. Bees are often confused with wasps by non-specialists, and they are not the same as bees are a keystone species, unlike wasps which are pests. 

Why did wasps come to our yards?

Before discussing wasps nest removal Colchester, we need to understand what brings them to us. Not surprisingly, food waste or leftover shelter, food sources, flowers, and sugar are the things to which wasps are attracted. 

How do you get rid of wasp nests?

One needs to follow some proven methods to get rid of wasps and their nests. Here are those – 

  • Spray wasp nests: – 

You will get wasp spray at the nearby store. In the late evening, the wasps are dormant so spray the chemical directly on the wasp nest during this time when a queen and all workers will be in a nest.

  • Homemade traps: – 

One can prepare a trap by cutting a large soda bottle and adding a few drops of juice. Hang it inverted to trap the wasps inside.

  • Treat potential nesting areas: – 

Liquid residual insecticide can work to prevent nesting at future sites of wasps.

  • Kill emerging wasps: – 

One can also eliminate individual wasps by spraying the chemical on them.

  • Use wasp traps: – 

A wasp attracting liquid wasp trap is available at the store, so one can use it to catch the wasps.

  • Use soap and water: – 

Homemade remedies of soap and water spray can work well too.

Conclusion: – 
Wasps are nasty and can irritate an ordinary man. But we have to follow these steps to keep ourselves safe. Methods of wasp nest removal Colchester must be followed carefully, or one can contact professional North Essex Pest Control for help. They are the experts in this field and guide properly.

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