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how to manage time just follow these seven boxes of life.

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There are seven billion people who live in the world and they spend time of life doing different activities. In the world many people do not spend their lifetime in balance way and that why most of the people do not satisfy with their time management. after reading this article, you will know how to manage time with seven boxes of life.

You will be surprised to know that US people spend a third of their income on childcare because of this time management issue. According to Statista, these are the top countries in which most of the income spend on childcare.

Source: Image from Statista

Do not worry! There are seven boxes or parts of life that help you to spend a lifetime in a balanced way. Because everyone wants to spend time with family, friends, and with other things.

 If do you want to protect your life from stress, problems, and other challenges then you have to spend life according to these seven boxes because these boxes are universal law and it works for everyone in the world. That why necessary for you to learn about time manage.

These are seven boxes!

Time manage for Self

How to spend time with yourself? and how to manage time? It is necessary for every human being to give time own themselves. It means you should know about your health and you have to ensure that self-improvement is happening in your life or not. So, when you are going to make a timetable of daily activities then you have to need put time for yourself.

Time for Family

How to spend time with family? Do you know when you were a child then your family was caring for you and your needs of life and they were spent a lifetime with you?

In this box of life, you have to ask yourself how much of a lifetime you spend with family and how much you keep caring about family. You also see areas where needs to improve and you have to set time for family because this is an important part of life and you have to pay back family because they invested time in you.

Time for Professional life

How to spend time in your professional life? This box or part of life is very important and in this, you have to see what is your profession and what are you doing about it. You cannot ignore this aspect of life because this helps you to grow in the world from an economic perspective.

That is why you have to choose the profession of life to be and you must give time professional life and you must keep care about your professional life. When you set a timetable for daily activities then you have to keep in mind that it is necessary to keep time for this activity because you cannot ignore it.

Time manage for Social life

How to spend time with your social life? You know that in the world everyone is part of any community or society and you cannot be separated yourself from society because without it you cannot spend life in relaxation. In this social life, you have to make some friends and many people also want to become your friend.

But you have to become careful while making friends and you have to ask the question how many do you want to make friends? Because not all friends need to be good but some friends may be bad.

You have to give time to social life and you should think how much time you spend with social life and which time of day you want to spend with them.

Time for Pay Services

In this box, you have to see which services you provide people in society and what is a role you are playing for society in the manner of services. You have to distribute time for services for human beings. It is a duty of everyone because you have to give services to human beings and many people are living to surround you who need your help and sympathy. That is why you have to set time for this part of life.

Time manage for Religion

How to spend time with God? In this box of life, you have to know about your spiritual life and you have to think that you become full of materialistic or not. You must know how much you perform the rights of God. In the world, not anyone can claim that he/she does not belong to any religion or belief.

You also belong to any religion or faith. You have to spend a lifetime with God and you have to worship only God. When you make a timetable for daily activities that you have to be careful about the life of this part.

Time for Loneliness

how to spend time alone? In this part of life, a person knows how much time he/she spend on himself/herself. And how much time he/she talks with himself/herself. And you have to know whether you speak with yourself or not and how much do you perform right yourself. For this part of life, you have to set time in a timetable for daily activities.


These are seven colors of life like a rainbow color and you are the fortunate person in the world if you spend time of your life according to these boxes of life. Time manage is big issue nowadays in the world but If you follow these boxes then you do not need to face any challenges and problems in life and you will be considered a good person in society and responsible. As you know that most people worry about time management and those who are doing business they are more worried about this time word. Just follow these seven boxes of life and distribute timetable of daily according to these parts of life.

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