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How to increase your website traffic in 2022


To bring people to their website is the goal for anyone who has a digital space. Being online is vital as it allows you to reach potential customers around the globe and at all times.

But being there does not mean enough. users must visit our page. How can you increase your site’s visits? There are many ways to increase site visits, and the digital specialist marketing agency has a lot of experience in each.

The acquisition channels that can be used to increase website visits

To increase your site visits, a good starting point is to first analyze the source of the traffic and then study how can strengthen the channel. Tools like Google Analytics can help us in this regard by indicating which acquisition channels are.

How to increase your site’s visits via direct access

Direct access refers to all visits that can’t be attributed either to an organic or campaign, but which come from users who have your address, saved it in a bookmark, or opened it via a link in an email. In all cases where the SEO Services Vaughan does not provide the visit.

After you have bought a domain or completed the development of an e-commerce website, it is time to report the URL everywhere. This includes advertising flyers and signs as well as business cards. This will allow you to increase your site visits.

Organic research

Online, organic means free. It is therefore a time-waster to not take advantage of this opportunity.

When a user searches the Internet search engines will return results they consider appropriate. Good SEO Expert in Pakistan practices will position your web pages in the first spot and increase site visits.

Google Ads

Google Ads, and its advertisements, are the best tools we have to drive more visitors to a website. These allow us to appear on the first page from the search results and in other areas scattered around the pages that users browse.

Google sponsored ads to allow us to target a specific audience that is interested in our business. As long as they are proficient in online advertising, this is possible. 

How to use social networks to increase your site’s visits

The management of social networks is also part of the practices that contribute to increasing site visits.

You could, for example, think about using the principles of Content Marketing to create interesting blog posts which you will use in your Social Content. You will also have more people visiting your website via social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Referral traffic

Referral traffic is another way to increase page views. This refers to all visitors that are not from a search engine but come from other websites or portals to which our site is linked. In hindsight, this term includes users who arrive from social media or YouTube.

There are many ways to increase it.

  • Link-building Strategies – This is when you agree with other website owners to quote one another on your portals.
  • Leave comments along with your link on other peoples’ websites, blogs, and social profiles. It is best to keep it simple so that you don’t fall for spam.
  • Guest blogging This is inviting industry content creators and bloggers to create textual content on your site for their followers so they land on your pages.

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