How To Dismantle Plastic Storage Drawers

Plastic storage drawers can be a game-changer for people who want or need to be more organised. You can use yours to organise important documents like tax filings, receipts, and utility bills. Or you might prefer to use plastic storage drawers to store your pet food. They are ideal for colour-coordinating building blocks and dividing them by size too. 

But what if you like to remove the drawers to make packing and unpacking simpler? Or do you want to dismantle your plastic storage drawers to move? Or you need to take them apart to store them during renovations. 

In terms of plastic storage drawers, they come in a wide variety of sizes and have many uses. It takes just a few minutes to put them together as they are put together with interlocking parts. That means they are just as quick to disassemble. They are one of the most versatile storage options available for use, whether you use them at home or in the office. 

Release the Catch 

This is a particularly useful trick if you have purchased a set of plastic storage drawers with the drawers locked in. You don’t want to force anything and risk damaging your storage cabinets. So, whatever method you choose, take care with your product to avoid destruction. 

The first step is to use a hot knife to melt the plastic catch tabs. You can cut through them easily with the hot knife and this will free your drawers. Alternatively, you can use a utility knife. If you find your drawers catching on items in the lower drawers, you can turn the entire cabinet upside down to cut the bottom catches. If you have the upper body strength, you may be able to squeeze the drawers to release the catches. 

This method is particularly useful for plastic storage drawers that are stuck in place once assembled. A lot of people want to remove and replace the drawers as necessary, whether it is to provide them with easy access to the items stored inside while they work or to make toy clean-up simpler. 

Release the Tab 

This method is for plastic storage drawers that are removable. This is the method whereby you can fully dismantle the storage drawers to store them safely when you need to. 

If you want to fully dismantle your plastic storage drawers, you can start by removing all of the drawers. At the top inside corner of each drawer, you will see a tab, you can press each of these tabs to unlock the parts. This will allow you to easily pull the plastic drawer panels apart and take the frame apart. Each individual section lifts off of the section below it until you have fully dismantled the product. 

Be sure to store your dismantled plastic storage drawers in a cool, dry place and store it out of direct sunlight. You want your plastic storage drawers to be like new when you bring them back out to assemble them for use again.