How to control the humidity in a cigar humidor

Cigars are precious effects that need careful attention. Beginners to the world of cigars can be demoralized by some of the accessories that are necessary to keep cigars fresh and in top condition. The humidor stands out as the most important accessory for any cigar nut.

A humidor is a press that’s designed and conditioned to keep your cigars at the right temperature and – utmost of all – the right position of moisture. It isn’t a complex item, but it does need some attention. Your humidor will be equipped with a hygrometer( I’ve reviewed my top 10 then). This displays the moisture inside the box. Let’s begin by looking at why cigars demand similar specific conditions.

Why Do I Need a Humidor?

The delicate nature of a quality cigar requires it to be kept at certain moisture. This is to help the cigar from getting too dry. However, you incontinently lose any flavor the cigar formerly had, If it dries out. It’s akin to a good bottle of wine going off, for illustration. Like fine wines, fine cigars need to be kept rightly, and that requires a humidor. You can not replicate the atmosphere inside the box in a room, it simply won’t work.

So you need a humidor, but don’t let this put you off as one doesn’t need to be precious. You can buy lower humidors that will do a perfect job for unexpectedly little plutocrats. generally made from cedar wood, which is perfect for absorbing the humidity. You should choose one that fits further cigars than you typically have as you’ll soon need to buy a bigger one else.

A humidor should immaculately show 70 moisture. Above 65 is fine, but once it drops below this position you risk your cigars drying out and being ruined. So, how do you increase the moisture in a humidor? We’re nearly at the way you need to take but then’s a word of advice always check the moisture of your humidor regularly – formerly a week at least – as you’ll be surprised how snappily cigars can dry out.

Now let’s have a look at the way you need to take to increase the moisture in your humidor.

Adding the moisture Step- by- Step

To raise the moisture position in your humidor there is a careful way to follow. It isn’t delicate but may feel like it’s at first. Let’s go through this way one by one.

still, that’s when you need to refresh it If you see your humidor moisture position falling below 65. You should have followed the routine to condition your humidor when you first set it up for use what follows next is an analogous reprise of the process.

The controller in your humidor is the force that holds the liquid you added during setup to keep the humidity position correct. This is known as ‘ starter liquid ’ and will help advance the immersion of water into the wood. Should you notice the position of moisture fall, add distilled water to the controller. You don’t need to add any more starter liquid.

Once a month, refresh the controller by adding distilled water; you’ll see how important you need it as there will be a position indicated on the force. This should be enough to keep the moisture at a respectable position.

Every four renewals you can add starter liquid rather than water, as this will further enhance the atmosphere in the humidor.

That’s it, it’s as simple as that! You’ll see your moisture change over time as the humidor becomes less full, and you should always close the lid and make sure the seal is complete snappily. Noway leave the lid open for longer than necessary, as it’ll dramatically alter the moisture inside the box.

Refreshing the moisture will soon come to a routine job, and one that’s part of your cigar ritual, and it’ll only take a little time.

An electric humidor makes your life so much easier when it comes to keeping your cigars at their freshest and most succulent for the longest possible time. Simply set the temperature and relative moisture you want your cigars to be stored. And let the humidor take care of itself from there! This not only makes your cigars last longer. But it also means that you’ll no way have to worry about whether you’re going. To accidentally ruin your cigars by taking care of them in the wrong way. This humidor does all the work itself!